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A remnant of the past...
We know little about the succubi. Some legends say that they were created by Sanghin to entertain him ; others story describe them as the messenger of Azura. It is likely that their origin is the union of a Daedra seducer and a human. They grow up as normal children but soon their teens, they discovered their new powers and abilities and are often rejected by humans. Succubi possess great beauty and innate talent for fighting.

Want to try a new experience ? Want to play with a sexy dark character? You made an excellent choice! Succubus race requires you to radically change the way you play to offer new sensations.

Succubus features

- Works perfectly with Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC.
- No script replacement if you use other custom race.
- A unique esp for DG users and no DG users.
- Seven seductive presets.
- 10 new warpaints for succubus.
- New face and body texture.
- Five new powers to defeat your enemies.
- A special spell to allow you to change your appearance.
- New armor designed especially for succubi.
- Fully stand-alone body meshes and textures for no risk to overwrite your files.
- Completely new spells and powers that are unique in Skyrim!
- Completely new magic effects, script, textures, and sounds.
- Fully voiced spells.

Examples of Warpaints :
More are available in game.

Are you ready to start a new succubus life ?...

Since the final beta 0.3, succubus race works perfectly with Dawnguard. No required file is needed. Just one file even if you don't have Dawnguard. To become a vampire you have to be infected by an other vampire or complete the main quest of Dawnguard and chose the vampire faction. When you are a vampire, you loose the succubus drain, you can use the regular vampire drain spell instead.

It's compatible with Better Vampires by Brehanin mod. It enhances game-play when playing your succubus character as a vampire.
Thanks to Himika and his/her great RaceCompatibility Racial Compatibility - compatibility with other mods improved . Succubi can now become vampires without any compatibility issue and overwritten files.
If you change your race during your game, once you get your vampire powers (by being infected)
open the console and write "player.setrace SuccubusRaceVampire and you will become a "full" vampire.

Bases stats :

+10 Stealth Because of her real nature, succubi have to be discreet.
+5 speetch Seduction works better with the good chosen words
+5 one hand weapon Succubi love body contact ! !!
+5 light armor Do not overdress their bodies !!
+5 Alchemy they don't need a love potion !!

Succubus form : Use this spell to reveal your true nature and use your succubus powers. You can revert to your human form by using "Hidden form". When you activate the spell you have the choice between 5 style of appearance. The Succubus form gives a real demonic appearance with wings, tail and horns that's why all PNC will attack you on sight if they see you under this form. If you are detected as a succubus run/hide and come back under human form. It's not only aesthetic.
You can use this spell unlimited number of times. The succubus form make your unarmed damage up to 15 points. And increased drastically your health, magika and stamina regeneration.

Drain: Succubus can use the drain spell to restore their life and inflict damage. This is the main spell for a succubus. . WARNING, this spell doesn't give you any experience in destruction skill.

Seduction: this spell turns any NPC into a puppet that you can control for a short time. Doesn't work on followers. A guard blocking a locked door ? No problem, ask-him to open it for you. An annoying witness is watching you ? Ask them to wander. This is a strong power but you your targets cannot do anything against their faction. If you ask to your puppet to attack a member of their faction, the spell breaks and the two characters attack you. If you speak to a charmed taget, the spell dissipates. It's a contact spell, this means that you have to touch your target to use the charm. This spell is available only one time a day.

Succubus Vision : you can detect human at very long range. Available also in human form. Use the spell when you want to avoid contact with human when you are transformed or just to surprise your target.

SKSE 1.6.16 and SkyUI are required !

Skyrim 1.8 and higher is recommended.

NMM Installation !
For Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) just click on "Download with Manager" green button. Don’t forget to activate the mod.

Manual Installation

Extract the content of the archive into your Skyrim/Data directory. Next, check “SuccubusRace.esp” and "RaceCompatibility.esm" in Nexus mod Manager or in Skyrim launcher. "RaceCompatibility.esm" has to be in the top of load order.

- Make sure you use the latest update or the desired version.
- Make sure you have the line ''bEnableFileSelection=1'' in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher].
- Make sure "SuccubusRaceLite.esp" is checked in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or in Nexus mod Manager.
- If you update, copy files into data directory and click Ok to overwrite files.

If it you first mod you have to add that line in SkyrimPrefs.ini located in My documents/MyGames/Skyrim or something. Add the line in bold in [Launcher] section like this :


To uninstall:
1. Start Skyrim launcher, click Data Files, .esp.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Playing with a succubus is a really exciting experience, at least for me. Some of mods fit perfectly with a succubus race as sexy outfits or terrifics weapons...
This are some ideas you can take to improve you own experience with succubi.

- Lady Lucretia - A Succubus Follower Because two succubi are better !! by Zaarok
- Liliths Sickle The best friend of succubi !
- Sweet and Sexy Lingerie shop CBBE by me
- Dark Lilith Sexy Succubus Armor CBBE NKT by me
- Push-up sexy bikinis CBBE v3 CBBE NKT by me
- Apachii Sky Hair By Apachii
- Pinup Poser by Halofarm
- Feminine Running and New Dash Animation by xp32
- The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

Coming soon...

Not compatible with Dual Sheath Redux

Q: At creation menu I choose succubus race but I can't see horns and wing ?
A: You get a spell called "succubus transformation" use it to get a demonic appearance.

Q: I don’t use CBBE body, Can I play a succubus ?
A: The succubus race uses a customs meshes and textures based on CBBE called CBBE-PU (push-up). Thereby the There are no changes to other characters. The mod is totally independent.

Q: Can I play a male ?
A: You can, if you selected a “succubus male” in the creation menu you will have a wonderful…Nord man ! This mod is dedicated to woman. Sorry.

Q: My game crash during the character creation
A: The skyrim engine is not able to support such add at the creation character by default. Use ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer by kapaer to avoid crash. Be sure to have updated your game (1.8 mini)

Q: Why everybody want to kill me when I'm transformed?
A: Poeple of Tamriel don't like deamons. This the challenge, keep your identity secret or be ready to fight against an Empire.

Q: Are the voices for the succubus from the vanilla game?
A: No there is some custom free .wav from Internet.

Q: The body/hair is purple. What I did wrong ?
A: Missing texture, reinstall the mod.

Q: How do I get the Succubus armor and weapons
A: In the 0.4 You can craft the Armor of Seductress any forge. To upgrade your stuff, you need human hearts. Other armor will be available in the future updates.

Q: Can I play a Vampire ?
A: You can play a vampire by using console command “player.setrace SuccubusRaceVampire”

Q: DawnGuard is supported ?
A: Of course ! In the Lite version, succubi are fully compatible with Dawnguard. You you have nothing special to do, just being infected. You keep you succubus power when you are a vampire. The vampire eyes works perfectly now.

Himika for the wonderfull Race Compatibility.
SAxo74 pour son aide indispensable sur le debugage et le développement du mod.
Zn00p for horns.
BellaGail for the head makeup
Spike4072 for the tail.
Rblade for the Ambassador of Darkness.
Grimpow for his Succubus render on
R18PN for the "lace armor".
Hentai for Lovelysuits, Dark Lilith Hentai and Wings.