Windfall Island from The Legend Of Zelda The Wind waker by konniksanders
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I strongly recommend Sexy Solitude and Sexy Whiterun if you want the buildings to have this vivid appearance.

Windfall Island is a really bright and cozy place in the game LoZ: Wind Waker. The island itself is not yet finished and there's alot more content to come, so that's why this mod will be updated quite a few times. I cannot recreate the same magical atmosphere as in Wind Waker but I will try my best to create a lore-friendly, blast from the past experience. The Island is located North-East of Dawnstar near the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.
(I love secrets, do you? I do, so I'm adding as much as I can. Try to find them!)
(Check behind the tombstone!)

My friend Lost Image originally made this mod and wanted to move on to other projects so he trusted me to maintain this mod. (

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is an awesome, colourful masterpiece. This mod is based on a location in that game. I'm currently playing Wind Waker!

The music is courtesy of ZREO and the Independent Gamer Orchestra and the tracks are 'Windfall Island Redux' and 'Dragon Roost Island'.

V1.5 Removed all dirty edits, fixed countless amount of bugs, changed NPC's and improved the island in general.

V1.4 Added music, improved interiors, improved Navmesh, added the Garden Dungeon (beta), added Mrs. Marie's School of Joy (alpha stage), improved NPC's a little (could use some help), fixed terrain issues, fixed small bugs.

V1.3 Added experimental player home, fixed terrain issues, fixed small bugs, added new objects, fixed multiple NPC's, added not-complete-bomb shop, changed windfall tavern into cafe bar, changed potion shop owner in Doc Bandam, added Bomb-master Cannon NPC, Fixed clipping issues, repainted landscape, fixed navmesh bugs, started working on Outset Island.

V1.2 Fixed major bugs and changed some minor things.

Fixed several bugs, added new content, navmesh, replaced 'duplicate' NPC's with new ones, merchants now have gold, some interiors have been optimized/changed, and more minor things.

Uploaded Windfall Island from LostImage with some tweaks.