Castle Volkihar Overhaul by Forzane
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Name : Castle Volkihar Overhaul
Version : V1.5
Date : 08/21/12
Category : Buildings
Author(s) : Forzane
DLC: Dawnguard is required for this mod to work

When I went to Castle Volkihar ..I was a bit disappointed at the condition of the Castle that a clan of Vampires have lived in for Centuries .. It would be a bit more upkept even under the rein of a Vampire Lord like Harkon..So this mod aims to Overhaul the whole Castle inside and Out of rubble and disrepair and plain disgusting looks.... AT THIS MOMENT THIS IS A wip

Castle Volkihar in DawnGuard DLC

Manual Installation:
Drop the ESP into your Skyrim Data Folder

Manual Uninstallation:
Delete the ESP out of your Skyrim Data FOlder

Known issues and bugs:
I have done my best to make this compatible with any of the quests in the Castle but if theres a bug please tell me

as of right now i would say anything that messes with the Castle or the Vampire Cattle.

I have done my best to not make this incompatible with any of the quests in the Castle but if theres a bug please tell me

Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines
Creation Kit, Available on Steam

Future Plans:
i have plans to overmake everything for the castle from the roof to the foundation...i also will be expanding the castle into new sections

Legal and licensing:
First ask for my permission.