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''This was our land. We were here first. Then the Nords came and put chains on us.'' -- The King in Rags

Eschewing the craftsmanship of other factions, the Madmen of the Reach resort to primitive yet effective gear in their insurgency against Nord rule. Now you can craft Forsworn armor and weapons, in multiple smithing tiers. Crafting will require appropriate perks and materials. The armor set counts as matched for the Matching Set perk.

Multiple tiers means you can keep the same gear appearance from leather quality all the way to dragon quality.

Light Armor

Forsworn Armor (Leather)
Forsworn Pillager Armor (Scaled)
Forsworn Ravager Armor (Glass)
Forsworn Warlord Armor (Dragonscale)
Forsworn Cloth Armor (Cloth)


Forsworn Axe/Bow/Sword (Elven)
Improved Forsworn Axe/Bow/Sword (Glass)
Superior Forsworn Axe/Bow/Sword (Dragon)


Forsworn Arrow (Iron)
Forsworn Flint Arrow (Elven)
Forsworn Obsidian Arrow (Glass)


Note that the base Forsworn gear is the same the existing gear in the game, but is now made craftable. The base Forsworn Arrow is very weak (less than iron arrows), but kept here for completeness. It does not require a perk to craft.

The tempering of the default Forsworn weapons was changed from Steel to Refined Moonstone. They are still considered Steel weapons however. I did not want to change that aspect of them to avoid potential problems.

Forsworn weapon crafting will require Large Antlers as components. These have been added to apothecary vendor lists since they were left out.

Superior Forsworn weapons are slightly stronger than Ebony in quality, but require the Dragon Armor perk to craft, so that smithing can focus on the light armor side of the perk tree. They require Dragon Bones for crafting.

Arrows will require Firewood and Leather Strips, plus Refined Moonstone for flint strength or Refined Malachite for obsidian strength.

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1.1 Changes
- Added cloth armor