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By Yetu


This mod adds many buyable and findable books into Skyrim. They are lore friendly and fun. Some are imported and edited from previous TES games (Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion), but most are not. Now you can read much more interesting journals, notes, stories, legends and even some lore friendly jokes! (But I must warn you, most of them are pretty cheesy)

All of the books in the game world are placed by hand, thus books about Morrowind are more common at places where the Dunmer live. And don't expect to see a "Jokes about Nords" book in any of the Nordic houses (well... maybe in the fireplace), but expect a lot of them where the Imperials live. (General Tullius loves jokes)

?What this mod does?

• Adds many fun and enjoyable books throughout Skyrim
• Actually gives you a reason to read those dumb journals and notes - some journals may contain hints that may lead you to treasure. (usually worth 500-700 gold, nothing underpowered nor overpowered)
• Adds interesting notes of what people did
• Some of the books are written by NPCs that you can meet every day throughout Skyrim (though they are pretty cheap, unless written by a famous person)

Can’t find any of the new books ? Then check the Riverwood Trader, or start a new game and go through Helgen. There are plenty of notes and interesting books there, but I won’t spoil anything.
Lucan Valerius may have some, but probably not enough for you. Then it's time either to explore or venture to the College of Winterhold! Urag at the Arcaneum has a lot of the books added, but don't expect him to have "Jokes about Orcs". Hehe.

?How to Install?

1 (manual) – Extract the mod to a temporary folder on your desktop. Install the mod by hand by moving the >Books+.esp< in your Skyrim/DataFiles directory.
2 (NMM) - You know how it goes... ;)

OPTIONAL FILES (Books+.esp not required, but recommended):
Books+ (No skills books).esp – This plugin removes the addskill effect from all skill books and lowers their price to a more reasonable one (so they nicely blend in with the other books)


-0.8.1 – initial release
-0.9 - Added Fargoth’s "Encounter with Nerevar","Amulet of Kings" and "Healer’s tale" .Also added an optional .ESP that removes the effects from skill books and lowers their price so they blend in nicely with the other books. Fixed some grammatical mistakes I found
-1.0 - Added ‘Arrowshot Woman ‘ , ‘College Charter’ , ‘The Expedition V3’ , ‘Winterhold’s Tale’ and some journals to dungeons. Also added notes to Imperial camps.
-1.1 - Added ‘Praise Vulnar’ , ‘Comanions’ Charter’ , ‘Nord’s Poem’ , ‘Calen Sorthol’s Journal’ and a note. Mainly bugfixes and grammar corrections. For example, fixed the Arrowshot woman, since ALL copies were labeled ‘original ‘ and thus had a higher price. (From now on only Drevis Neloren has the original)

?Known Bugs?


?Future Developments?

• Add a ton of more books, notes and journals – Partially done
• Add new corpses and NPCs incase I run out of ideas/resources to work with – Partially done, be sure to read ‘Praise Vulnar’ that is common in the town of Dawnstar
• Make certain addons that alter books, but that’s a secret for now – Partially done, hence the ‘No skill books.esp’

?List of Books?

This list contains all the books and journals added by the mod, not including notes, since that may contain spoilers. Some books are in the game multiple times, some are unique. (Journals are unique)

• Adrusa's Journal
• Age of Lies
• Basics of Necromancy
• Bolfrida's Journal
• Nomdar's Journal (with a little reward... want a hint?Try doing doing the first quest in at the Bard's College)
• Great Houses of Morrowind
• Guide to Bartering
• Guide to Getting Women
• Listed for Execution
• Jokes about Nords
• Jokes about Orcs
• Snilling's Journal
• Sven's Journal
• Temba's Journal
• The Expedition V1
• The Expedition V2 (more volumes will come soon)
• Threki's Journal
• Encounter with Nerevar (by Fargoth! Now you will see what liar Fargoth really is!)
• Healer's Tale (a short funny tale about a healer at the Temple of Stendarr)
• Amulet of Kings
• Arrowshot Woman
• Bandit's Journal
• College's Charter (that's right, charter of the College of Winterhold. Can be found on a lot of places, but mainly at the Hall of Elements
• Hadvor's Journal
• Centus's Journal (at Treva's watch with Hadvors')
• The Expedition V3 (a bit more rare, but Urag at the Arcanuem has it)
• Winterhold's Tale
• Praise Vulnar - a nice little book that will lead you to treausre. (common in Dawnstar)
• Companions' Charter - The College has it's charter, so do the Companions
• Nord's Poem - a cheap little book written by Addvar in Solitude
• Calen Sorthol's Journal - a journal of a Dunmeri thief and bandit that came from Hammerfell


I need writers and idea makers. The human mind can come up with unlimited ideas, but it takes time. Feel free to message me or leave a comment with an idea or message me if you have a written story.