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Last updated at 21:17, 10 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 20:27, 1 Dec 2011

Cracked Versions not supportet by me
Please do not complain about any "BUGS" if you a re using a cracked version of Skyrim!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not support this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

==> Feel free to contact me if you are using an ORIGINAL RETAIL Version of Skyrim and the STEAM Version of RelPrice 1.3 did not work for you so that i can make a Version for RETAIL users.

Update News 1.3.0

RelPrice Mod updated for Skyrim STEAM Versions for Skyrim
==> Test it and tell me if it is working or not for you with looting, byeing and selling items. For me it is working fine!


Finished my modification from here: and release it as a new mod because of the slider-changes.

This mod is in that language you installed SKYRIM it doesn't effect the language of your installation. The only thing is: If the script have to do a division by zero. There you will have displayed: "INFINITY" as RealPrice. This means the items weight equals zero so you can pick it up without spend any weight points.

Credits for flash support
Roltak for compile/decompile hints
Unchayned for RETAIL version source code of itemcards.swf

This version works with all skyrim-patch-versions.
==> It should also be compatilbe with all UI-modifications which have now itemcard.swf in \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\Interface\inventory components

What this mod does
- You will have an additional value called RelPrice for every item to choose the best gold/weight relation for an item for pickup or drop down. (picture 1 and 2)

==> If you are overloaded simply drop down the item with the lowest RelPrice value.
==> If you have to choose which items you loot, loot items with a "good" RelPrice.
==> The higher the RepPrice the higher the gold you will get for 1 weight point.
==> Infinity means that the weight is 0 (zero) so you can pick it up!! (gold, bolts etc).

- The slider for drop down, sell or bye items is replaced with buttons (pircture 3). You can start the button-amount-selection @ > 5 (like SKYRIM vanilla) or > 10 of a kind, based on the file you will download. The main-file starts @ > 5. Optional file will start the amount-selection @ > 10 of a kind.

==> Klick "00" button to set selection-amount to zero.
==> Klick @ the "max: " value to reset it to maximum.
==> Choose your amount to bye/sell/drop with the buttons.

Weapon enchants
==> press TAB-key if you have selected an enchant to get maximum "enchant-strength" and lowest charge
==> press ENTER to get maximum charge and lowest "enchant-strength"
(THIS will be displayed as a hint for you if you will make a weapon-enchant as well)

otherwise: "enchant-strength" and charge can only be selectet step-by-step without this modification via slider. Simply turn of the mod via "enchantFIX.bat" even if SKYRIM is running.

==> ALT+TAB to your desktop
==> Start "enchantFIX.bat" @ \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\Interface\inventory components\
==> follow the introductions

ONLY necessary for WEAPON-ENCHANTING !!!

- extract the folder to your Skyrim-main-directory (where you can find the exe file)

- delete the following files from \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\Interface\inventory components\
itemcard.swf, itemcardO.swf, enchantFIX.bat

Translation hints for the pictures
WERT = gold value what an item is worth
GEWICHT = the value of an item for its weight