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No Friendly Fire (NFF):

This simple mod gives you the option for your damaging spells and weapons to not harm your followers or magical summons. Works on horses, Housecarls, and spouses as well. Also works with blood and holy magic. (Does not require Dawnguard.) 100% save game safe!

(Shows the various features in actions. Click the title to watch in HD.)

When you first enable the mod you will see a message telling you the Toggle Friendly Fire powers were added to your spell list. It also automatically enables itself, so your allies will be safe to start. Casting the "No Friendly Fire - Self" power, you will get a message saying "Companions will take damage" or "Companions will not take damage" depending on whether the effect was toggled on or off.

UPDATE: Version 1.45 now adds a second power called "No Friendly Fire - Other" which allows you to toggle targeted companions to ignore friendly hits. (Does not work on temporary summoned minions, and can only be used on current followers, horses, housecarls, spouses, and permanent commanded actors.) This will prevent followers from accidentally hitting and then attacking each other, or aggro-ing you, primarily for users of UFO or other follower overhaul mods. Cast it on all your non-summon party members and prevent a mini civil war!

Other NPC's you hit will still behave as they normally would and turn hostile, or follow the default Friendly Fire rules depending on how friendly they were to start or if they were in combat when you hit them.

Also, since this mod works through a hidden perk system and doesn't actually modify any spells or weapons themselves, it should be compatible with any other spell-related or weapons mods. However, for more complex mod-added spells that have a secondary script do the actual casting, mod authors should see "Mod Authors and Compatibility" below.

Installation: Simply copy the phiNoFF.esm and phiNoFF.bsa files to your Skyrim/Data directory and check the .ESM in your mod list. If you are upgrading from an older version, say yes to overwrite files.

IMPORTANT!!! If you previously downloaded the .ESP version of this mod (any version before 1.4) please delete it, as well as the files phiNoFFStarterScript.pex, phiNoFFToggleScript.pex, and QF_phiNoFFStarter_01000D63.pex from your skyrim/Data/Scripts directory. All future revisions will be released as .ESM with all files contained in a single .BSA archive for maximum mod compatibility and ease of distribution.

Mod Authors and Compatibility: It is often possible for mods to work with No Friendly Fire without the need for compatibility patches. However as of version 1.44, the master file (.ESM) contains built-in keyword, faction, and function call options to help mod authors achieve maximum compatibility with minimal effort. In particular, the new function call allows you to run all the NFF checks on a custom scripted spell using a single one-line IF statement in their scripts.

UPDATE: Detailed documents on creating compatibility patches for scripted spells and companions have been uploaded! If you are a spell mod author, I would be perfectly happy to help you incorporate the strategy outlined into your mods. Feel free to PM me!

Official Bethesda forum thread.

Feel free to post any questions or comments. All feedback is appreciated!

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