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Last updated at 21:20, 12 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 17:06, 1 Dec 2011

Please see this mod for a more full featured and up to date hotkeys mod:

This script allows you to bind 10 different keys to equip shouts. It can also display a notification when you equip a shout telling you which shout was equipped. Which keys and shouts are configured can be changed by editing the shouthotkeys.ini file.

Default settings:
9 - Unrelenting Force
0 - Whirlwind Sprint
- - Become Ethereal
= - Disarm
P - Throw Voice
[ - Elemental Fury
] - Fire Breath
\ - Frost Breath
; - Ice Form
' - Slow Time

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place shouthotkeys.asi and shouthotkeys.ini into your root Skyrim folder, alongside TESV.exe. Not the Data folder.

Delete shouthotkeys.asi and shouthotkeys.ini

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon.