The Bob Trading Company by Dajan3
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The location of the Merchants are as follows:
Palace of Kings
Jarl's Longhouse in Falkreath and Winterhold.
Mistveil Keep
Highmoon Hall
Blue Palace
Understone keep
The Whitehall.
Also, Images: I will get you some and should be there when V.3 is released.

To install just move the Esp to the data folder.

Is the directory.
Ok, to confirm anyone's questions there is a version 3 planned where all the merchants will be less "Unfair" plus, adding a house for each merchant, making Krosis mask light as archers mainly wear light armour. Also, going to add other stuff. :) Maybe a merchant to each tavern in the small villages.
I have had to halt production on version three for a bit until I aquire Dragonborn.
And while I am waiting to aquire that, I will be working on two of my other mod ideas.
And, I might even add screenshots.
Enjoy version two till version 3 comes out.
Please email any bugs/errors to