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Summer Solstheim


This is a modular overhaul with 2 parts
Summer Skyrim: Complete transformation of Skyrim's environment
  • Terrain, trees, grass, meshes, LODs, birds, buildings, roads and more modified to convert Skyrim into a lush summer paradise
  • Summer Skies: Complete transformation of Skyrim's atmosphere
  • Realistic sky colours, clear climate, longer days, epic sunrises and sunsets and warm, vibrant sun and sunlight

Fully compatible with any weather mod - just use instead of Summer Skies!

Version 3 released
  • Custom modified "lush" grass and flora meshes
  • 4 new Aspen tree variations in Riften and 3 Pine variations (all with perfect LOD)
  • 5 new flower variations
  • Realistic sun size
  • Enabled Vertex Shading
  • Improved harvestable flora textures
  • All LODs; terrain and tree
  • Denser and more varied grasses across all regions of Skyrim
  • More new types of grass, flowers and plants

This mod will effect your performance! There are options to improve that, however: performance esps are included which reduce flora density and you can also use the standard definition (SD) version. Combining both of these options should reduce the performance hit drastically.

I also strongly recommend City Forests or some other city and town flora mod
From 3.0 onwards, Lush grass mods are no longer necessary (or compatible) as this mod contains it's own lush meshes.


Update 3.57 : Improved densities, compressed archive, darkened select textures. Removed buggy weathers and improved regional weather data
Update 3.56 : Improved snow areas, improved regional distinctions, improved flower clusters, various other
Update 3.50 : Too much to list. Revamped grass type distributions and densities to create realistic grass patterns but maintain distinction between regions. See video for full explanation :)
Update 3.20 : Added River grass, snowy grass, couple more variants, general improvements to grasses
Update 3.10 : New Riften tree colours (fairly subtle) with perfect working LOD. New flowers. Colouration inconsistency fixes.
Update 3.00 : Summer Skyrim reaches a new level! See above for more details
Update 2.60 : Summer skies sorted some regional weather issues, improved some regions, better No Snow version, made sun realistic size and glare size (no more bleaching a whole section of the sky)
Update 2.60 : Fixed LOD issues, fixed golden sand issue with black specks
Update 2.56 : Remade with HD files, new flowers, less saturation, more ENB-friendly. Summer skies daytime sky modified to real life sky colours.
Update 2.30 : Added golden sand beaches to the coasts. Regenerated LOD. New trees removed as they weren't great and others provide better trees now. Plan to add more new trees soon
Update 2.10 : Summer skies updated. Now includes DoF, tropical climate, lush summer nights, tweaked daytime sun and many clear weathers
Update 2.00 : Updated Summer Skies. Added hot climates, longer days, better weathers, lush night skies, sunrises, sunsets, etc
Update 2.00 : Added optional - Summer Skies - my personal custom weather & fx mod to make nice days nicer, more vibrant and give more realistic sun and sky behaviour
Update 2.00 : NEW TREES, new LODs (distant terrain), reworked trees & grass, new terrains, new exotic birds, changes to towns
Update 1.40 : Whiterun is alive and green! Improved the Plains and the Reach
Update 1.30 : Fixed small bug in Riften and improved frozen grasses
Update 1.20 : Improved grass and whiterun/moors
Update 1.10 : Included ground leaves in Riften


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