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Updated: 17/02/2017 - 12:15AM

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This nexusmods release is the original and only official release of this mod. It is the only release that I will provide support for. Any redistribution (except for translations) of this mod is to be considered stolen, and downloaded at your own risk.

Requires Dawnguard. This retextures the Vampire Armors from Dawnguard to be more darker and changes the colored bits to be more vibrant and red. Supports Male and Female. There are two main versions. The first is just a retextured replacer of the original textures. The second adds a standalone set of the retextured armors to the game, that does not replace the original armors with the new textures. The armor can be crafted and tempered, and has the same crafting and tempering requirements of the Leather set. 

Update 1.3:
Completely redid the textures, and included the grey variant, and Valerica's armor as well. Updated the standalone file to use the new textures as armor variants. Rewrote the description/readme, and permissions. All textures compressed with DDSopt.

Update 1.2:
Generated mipmaps for the textures. Added author information, and a description to the esp. Textures also compressed with DDSopt, except the boots, hood, and gloves. Fixed an issue with the Black Hood showing up as the Red Hood when worn.

Update 1.1: 
Added new Red Hood, and darkened the armor textures a bit.

Bethesda for Skyrim, Dawnguard, textures, and the Creation Kit

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