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Yumi - Follower Mod.

Normal Hair - Optional 1 - Optional 2.

v1.1 Fixed version Released! Remember to Endorse if you like :)

.: FAQ

• Yumi is a Breton fighter, melee styled warrior but can also use bows.
• Starts at level 3 and auto-levels up to 120.
• She's located at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
Essential so she will not die.
• Yumi starts with some gold coins and a iron Greatsword. She will be naked aswell with no additional armor.
• She trains mainly in One-handed & Two-handed, Light & Heavy Armour, Block, and Bows. She knows some healing spells too she should use if she gets low hp.
• Yumi can also dual wield 1h weapons and shoot bows now with update v1.1 .
She will prefer melee weapons first though only attacking from further away with a Bow.


- Simply install ONE version from downloads with NMM or MANUALLY(recommended)drop all files into the data folder.
- Uninstallation with NMM or remove simply the "timek_Yumi.bsa" and "timek_Yumi.esp"
- Load the mod BELOW UFO / any other follower-tweak mod in NMM/Launcher to avoid issues.
- Before upgrading the mod to a newer version or another hairstyle, disband Yumi from your party and then uninstall the mod and save a safe game.

- Skyrim 1.5+
- Apachii SkyHair 1.4
- ApachiiSkyHairFemale v1.0 ONLY NEEDED FOR OPTIONAL HAIRSTYLE 1 & 2 !
- Cazy hairs and demoness hairs by zzjay ONLY NEEDED FOR OPTIONAL HAIRSTYLE 3 !

She will use what ever body/face mods you have installed but these I used in screenshots:
- Pretty Face pack. (Recommended because that's what I made her around for but not necessary )
- BFG - Better FaceGen
- A BodyMod like CBBE3v2, UNP/B etc
- A ENB like some of my favorites: Seasons of Skyrim ENB. Akiro Undone/Unred.
- Fair Skin Complexion. or Tan Lines for CBBE v3-2 or Tan&Shine for CBBE looks nice too on her.

v 1.1 Fixed
? Fixed so she will now auto-level up with you, instead of a fixed level 50.
? Nerfed some of her skills in v1.1 aswell so she would not become so overpowered.
v 1.1
? Changed combat-style a bit and other minor tweaks.
? Changed some of the hp/magicka values and her leveling scheme.
? She can now use bows and trains in them aswell as Heavy armor, but doesn't train in Restoration anymore.
? Dual wield also made possible for her now.
v 1.0
? Initial release.