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My personal ENB settings adjusted to look the most realistic without overdosing colors or other graphic settings. My main thought was also to create ENB mod without losing too much FPS in game, therefore it has almost no affect on FPS (confirmed by many people in comments). Great for people with weak and for those with powerful PC's.

I hope You gonna like it. If so, please ENDORSE. I would really appreciate that ;)

If you have some screenshots with my ENB, upload them here. I'm always happy to see your pics guys :)


Which version to choose?
v0.113 uses old libraries, but it has great performance. It is refined and stable version created by myself from scratch. v0.2xx uses the latest libraries, but it has a little bit lower FPS. This version was uploaded by crimsongekko user. I didn't test it much, therefore I don't fully support it. Anyway both versions should look almost the same, so it is up to you and your PC which version you will pick and use. If you will experience huge FPS drop with v0.2xx try v0.113 instead.

There is also a NEW version of my ENB created for Tropical Skyrim mod! Check images.


1. Download archive with 'd3d9.dll' file from ENBSeries website.
2. Find in that archive 'd3d9.dll' file and copy only this one file into Skyrim main folder
3. Now download my ENB. In my archive go to 'Core' folder and choose your desired version of darkness at night and copy content from that folder into Skyrim directory
4. NO DEPTH OF FIELD USERS (optional) - download and install DYNAVISION. In game configurator use static Depth of Field effect with 0.8 value (my recommendation). It will nicely smooth objects edges.
DEPTH OF FIELD USERS - go to 'Optional DoF' folder in my archive and pick darkness version you use and copy file from that folder into the same place as before and overwrite. Alternatively download and install DYNAVISION and in game configurator use dynamic Depth of Field effect.
5. In 'Skyrimprefs.ini' file in "My Documents" set values:
fGamma=1.2000 (recommended brightness in game)

File included in 'textures' folder fixes blinding white water foam at night issue.
Files included in 'meshes' folder fix overcolored deathbell issue.


1. Download the latest archive with 'd3d9.dll' file from ENBSeries website.
2. Find in that archive 'd3d9.dll' file and copy only this one file into Skyrim main folder
3. Now download my ENB. In my archive go to 'Core' folder and choose your desired version of darkness at night and copy content from that folder into Skyrim directory
4. Go to 'ENBoost' folder and copy 'enblocal.ini' file from folder with your videocard and your vRAM. Paste this file into Skyrim directory and overwrite
5. (OPTIONAL DEPTH OF FIELD) To add DoF open 'enbseries.ini' file and set 'EnableDepthOfField=true'. Alternatively download and install DYNAVISION.
6. In 'Skyrimprefs.ini' file in "My Documents" set values:
fGamma=1.2000 (recommended brightness in game)
bTreesReceiveShadows=1 (only when skylighting enabled)
bDrawLandShadows=1 (only when skylighting enabled)
bShadowsOnGrass=1 (only when skylighting enabled)
7. For best performance disable Antialiasing in Skyrim settings and set in your AMD/nVidia Control Center Antialiasing to "Application Controlled"


Q: How can I check FPS in game?
A: Press NUM * in game, indicator will appear in upper left corner of your screen.

Q: I can't see a thing underwater, why?
A: It means that you are using my mod with ENBSeries other than which I recommended in installation guide.

Q: How can I adjust colors/brightness/shadows or any other ENB settings on my own?
A: Simply download ENB Customizer. This tool is very easy to use and will help you adjust ENB settings like you wish so.

Q: I have blinding white smokes on loading screens. How to fix it?
A: Download THIS mod made by Lozzer, it will replace white smokes with snowing animation or THIS one, which will simply remove smokes from loading screens

Q: How to fix glowing/blinding objects issue in game?
A: Download THIS patch. (Thanks tyraelpl for recommending this!)

Q: Can I download this mod using Manager?
A: No, you cannot. Download it manually. Manager would install this mod in different place than it should be and it won't work properly

Q: I can't use Khajit Night Eye and Vampire's Eye.
A: Unfortunatelly these abilities are not fully working with ENBSeries (Boris Vorontsov mentioned that on his ENB website). There is a way to fix it, but it will change colors of my mod. Anyway I will give you instruction how to do this on your own, it's very easy: Just open "enbeffect.fx" file and remove "//" from in front of "// #define APPLYGAMECOLORCORRECTION" (you will find it on the top of the file). That's it, Night's Eye will be working now :) The other solution is to turn ENB off during the gameplay just before you want to use Khajit Night Eye or Vampire's Eye by pressing SHIFT+F12, now activate your ability. After use simply restore ENB (SHIFT+F12)

Q: How to fix lagging/stuttering issue in Skyrim?
A: Many people have this annoying problem playing Skyrim that their game freezes for few seconds or every few seconds. Of course this is totally not ENB mod related, I just want to share with you guys showing you solution which helped me and I've got to say that I was struggling with this problem looong time and every fix that I found on internet wasn't helping, until I found THIS ONE . It solved my issue in 100% even that I'm using PC not laptop (I personally set min=90% and max=95%)

Q: How does it work with Realistic Lighting, Climates of Tamriel or other graphic mods?
A: Best way is to check it and test it for yourself. Some people said that my mod together with CoT looks breathtaking, I personally don't like them together. So it is your decision to make. Experimenting with game won't kill you ;) Speaking of CoT - you can check how my mod looks like with it on my pictures uploaded by users.
When using together my ENB with CoT set values in 'enbseries.ini' like that:
for v0.113:
for v0.2xx

Q: Why I can see the sun through buildings and mountains?
A: Most likely you have to update your video card drivers and it should fix it. If it didn't help, try to use 0.2xx version, you shouldn't have sun problem with this one.

Q: How to get rid of: "Error! ENBHost.EXE process failed, try to run the game as administrator or add to antivirus exclusion list"?
A: This error isn't very important and doesn't affect the game and my mod. This is just an information that some file is missing, so to get rid of it simply copy "enbhost.exe" file from archive (where d3d9.dll file is) and copy it to Skyrim main folder.


v2.5a - just 'Readme' file updated
v2.5 - increased amount of sun rays
v2.4 - minor changes; updated 'Readme' file
v2.3 - added 'meshes' folder with fix for overcolored deathbell issue; updated 'Readme' file
v2.2 - decreased amount of flashing daylight in interiors; decreased a bit saturation of whole mod; updated 'Readme' file
v2.1 - brighten a little bit dark blue sky; "Bright Nights" version has now a little bit more brighter nights
v2.0 - all versions of darkness at night are in one archive now; added optional DoF to install; fixed too bright day light in caves
v1.5 - added 3 versions of darkness at night to download; decreased glossiness level of objects (day/night); decreased brightness of blinding mountain's fog
v1.4a - minor fixes: brightness at night; added data folder to archive file for easier installation
v1.4 - minor fixes: brightness at night, clouds (day/night)
v1.3 - fixed too bright, blinding clouds issue
v1.2 - d3d9.dll file removed from archive
v1.1 - fixed too bright interiors issue
v1.0 - first release

v0.113 (for Tropical Skyrim mod)
v1.0 - first release

v1.1 - 3 versions of darkness at night now, added enboost
v1.0 - first release


Some mods I would recommend you guys and which I use myself to improve world textures:

Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux by SparrowPrince - Improves water textures

Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt - Improves trees and plants textures

Skyrim Sunglare by Laast - Improves sun textures

Real Snow by Hritik Vaishnav -SkyrimENB - Improves snow textures

Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker - Improves night sky textures (stars, moon, nebula)

Snow and Rocks TEXTURES HD by darevix - Improves rocks textures (I personally picked only rocks textures from this mod to make them look better)

Real Ice by Yuril - Improves glaciers and ice textures

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek - Greatly improves the appearance of countless static 3D models of architecture, clutter, furniture, and landscaping

Enhanced Distant Terrain by SparrowPrince & Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 - Trudgement Day by SparrowPrince - Distant terrain textures with these two mods installed together look awesome

Immersive HUD - iHUD by Gopher - It takes the permanently visible HUD elements such as compass and crosshair and hides them when not needed


Of course big kudos for Boris Vorontsov, for creating ENBSeries.
J0SH37 for Vibrant Fantasy ENB - my settings are based on it.
Dorian G for ENB Customizer - It helped me a lot to tweak settings during creating this mod. I wouldn't do it without it.
Thanks crimsongekko for helping me on posts section and for giving me a lot of tips and of course big thanks for sharing v0.2xx support with us.

My mod featured in few videos made by: Brodual, MMOxReview, hodilton, olivierhacking, Mazen4981, GMGReviews, Binmaru, Malibutomi, Pata Is Live. Thanks guys!