Robe ReTex Male and Female by Inflection
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Added: 01/12/2011 - 02:46AM
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Hi there! I am new to ReTexturing and this is one of my first few attempts at it. I encourage comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism from the community so that I can improve and help develop this project (if you can call it that) and possibly others. It would be much appreciated! :)

I hoped to recreate the Novice Robe so that it represents all schools of magic within the game.
Their representation on the robe goes as follows;

Destruction --- Red Symbol
Alteration ----- Green Symbol
Restoration --- Yellow Symbol
Illusion ---------- Blue Symbol
Conjuration --- Purple Symbol

To represent all of them together on one part of the robe is the symbol at the center flap of the robe, with the corresponding colors as stated above.

In addition to these symbols, a new higher quality fabric texture has been incorporated, and removal of the heavy dirt stains around the robe have been cleaned up.

Included is both the male and female versions of the robe!

-Open using zip file opener
-Drop/extract the textures folder into your Skyrim data folder [Usually - C:/Program files/ Steam/Steamapps/common/Skyrim/data
-If you are asked to merge folders click yes. If you do not have a textures folder simply create one.

Several images from several different sources from the internet were used to put this work together; I do not claim to own these images and they are the property of their respectful owners, whomever that may be.