Unenchanted and Enchantable Aetherial Crown Dawnguard by KevKiev
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Added: 07/08/2012 - 12:13AM
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Last updated at 10:06, 25 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 0:13, 7 Aug 2012

Unenchanted/ enchantable Aetherial Crown, for players who want to put on their own enchantment(s) rather than have the vanilla "2 Guardian Stone" enchantment.  Just something I made for myself and thought I'd share.

You must craft the crown at the Aetherium Forge at the end of the "Lost to the Ages" quest, this file doesn't add it. At the forge, the crown won't have the vanilla enchantment.  However, you can also install the mod after you make the crown, with the same result.

Two versions - 1 lb and default 2lb. (Yeah I know Skyrim isn't necessarily in pounds.)

Dawnguard is, obviously, required. Install via NMM/ Mod Organizer, or manually by unzipping the file and copying & pasting the esp into "skyrim/data"

Note: Yuril's Better Circlets HQ, found here|:|id=6495 is responsible for the high-rez look in the image.