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  • Monday 2012-08-06 : Initial release. Version 0.9. 22 High resolution horses.

This mod page contains a so called Automatic Variants Package (AVP) which is ONLY usable in combination with Automatic Variants by Leviathan1753. A better description would be Automatic Variants Port because I did not create the textures myself but I'm using textures created by real texture artists.

Information about Automatic Variants

  • A video found on youtube and created by Sounaipr (author of a few AV Packages ) shows AV in action using a few of the availabe AV packages.
  • Also this slideshow of pictures of AV-tized NPC's created by Leviathan1753 might give you a good impression
  • More information about Automatic Variants and what it is can be found on my on my Nexus page called "Wolverines collection of Automatic Variants Ports tools and resources"

That page will act as a central hub where amongst other things an overview of my collection of AV Ports is shown and links to the corresponding mod pages. This is also the reason that I have disabled the forum here, so all questions, remarks can be centralized.

The way I see it, its not up to me to decide what textures users should use or like. This is also the opinion of the auhor of Automatic Variants. AV has a GUI which enables users to enable/disable specific textures for a NPC. It also has a .dds file viewer builtin which shows a flattened skin of a NPC. Hence users can create the Skyrim experience they prefer

Discussion forum

For questions, problems and genreal discussion visit my central hub. I had accidentily enabled the forum here, but it will (probably) be disabled in the future.

Automatic Variant Port

Name: Wolverines AV Ports -- Author is Zira
Author of the used textures: Zira
Total number of variant: 22
Contents: Variants for Horse(22)
Initial release: 2012-08-06 version 0.9
Latest version: 0.9
Released: 2012-08-06
Requirements: Automatic Variants 1.5.1+
Updates: Initial release.
Note: twenty two high resolution (2048x2048) horses. Support for Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer (untested by me but reported to work by a user) and Wrye Bash 299. I have NOT categorized the horse. Skyrim has 5 types of horses: Black, Black and White, Palomino, grey and Brown. I would appreciate it if someone could categorize them for me and sent me a PM. I don't think you notice it that much that they haven't been categorized but still.

Installation with an installer

Install with Nexus Mod Manager(NMM) using the 'Download with manager' button in the file section.
Wrye Bash: Do a manual download of the mod and install it using the normal WB procedure. Before installing/activating right click on the mod in the 'Installers' tab and set 'Has extra directories'

Unstallation with an installer

Start the AV GUI, enable the "Wolverines AV Ports -- Author is Zira" AVP and perform a 'Gather&Exit'
Uninstall using NMM or WB using the normal procedure.

Manual install

Copy the SkyProc Patchers and Docs directories of the 'manually downloaded' file ' to the Skyrim/Data directory.

Manual uninstall

Start the AV GUI, enable the "Wolverines AV Ports -- Author is Ziraf" AVP and do a 'Gather&Exit'.
Goto the "SkyProc Patchers\Automatic Variants\AV Packages" directory and remove directory Wolverines AV Ports -- Author is Zira.
Goto the /data/docs/wolverine2710 directory and delete directory AV Port Author is Zira. If there are no other directories in this wolverine2710 directory you can remove it.

Testing of the AV Port

On the central hub there are batch files to spawn NPC's, these can be download here.


I would LOVE to receive information regarding the crediting of the authors, info about the contents, the readme files (clear or unreadable, up to date) etcetera. This would enable me to create better AV Ports and also faster.


If you download and use this AV Port I would highly appreciate it if you visit the homepage of the author who created the textures, do a manual download of the mods used in this AV Port AND endorse the author. In the 'Files' section at the top of any Nexus page there is a 'Download history' option which gives an overview of all the mods you have downloaded and its status (endorsed or not endorsed). Remark: Unless you have a Premium account the 'download history' will be reset at the beginning of a new month. The "endorsement/unique downloads" ratio for ALL mods on the Nexus is ridiculous low. My rule of thumb: If I download and use a mod I endorse. I would not mind if you endorse this mod as well. I have quite a lot of private AV Ports and endorsements would give me an incentive to create more public AV Ports. What can I say, I'm only human.....

Signed: Don Quichotte of La Mancha....


Leviathan1753. For Creating Automatic Variants (and Skyproc which AV uses) and being very patient when I was asking way too many questions in his AV thread.
Zira for the use of the excellent textures.