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I downloaded a few saves, but didn't know the folder where they had to be placed. Combined the ideas from the other saves and got a good result. Can be used without mods, the real pivotal mod I used was "Improved female Skin Textures' by Volek. Looks even better with High Quality Eyes, detailed lips and Beauty faces for females. It's uploaded with white hair and red hair, but you can use 'showracemenu' to change if you'd like. Move cheek slider up 2 with red hair and once with white, and move lower cheek up once on both. And I had a save file from the beginning but I mistakenly saved over it and left a save before I even created the character. Yes, twas a fail. I believe this about a level 6 save with only the golden claw and 2 or three other preliminary quests. I just joined the legion too. I'll probably recreate her later and upload it from the beginning. I apologize for the inconvenience. This is my first upload, but I've been creating characters for a while. Feel free to upload any changes if you will.