How to get Creation kit to open Dawnguard-HearthFires-Dragonborn by Forzane
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Added: 05/08/2012 - 12:00AM
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SO you got the New DLC for Skyrim and wanted to mod it ..then you find out the Creation Kit wont load it...well ive got the solution for you

1. go to your Skyrim Directory <\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim>

2. open your skyrimeditor.ini file

3. search for sResourceArchiveList2

4. at the end of that line put , DawnGuard.bsa, HearthFires.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa

5. make sure it looks like this : SResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Update.bsa, Dawnguard.bsa, HearthFires.bsa, Dragonborn.bsa

you need to add bAllowMultipleMasterFiles=1 to the General allow more then one masterfile
you need to add bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 to the General load up more then one masterfile

6. save the ini

7. start up your Creation Kit and select Dawnguard.esm or HearthFires.esm or Dragonborn.esm only and load

8.then patiently wait for it to load..and it should all work now