Gold Weight by KonanTenshi
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Added: 03/08/2012 - 07:17PM
Updated: 10/11/2012 - 01:16PM

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Last updated at 13:16, 10 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 19:17, 3 Aug 2012

Ever gotten tired of having endless of gold without affecting your weight? Probably no. Sadly I have been so, whenever I pick up those shiny small gold coins and simply makes my purse fatter and fatter without any affect what so ever!

But NO MORE I thougt. So I created this small mod which does exactly what the title says, Changes to gold weight from 0 to 0.0005.


Simply put the KTGold.esp into the Data folder or use the NMM (IT should be NMM compitable)
NOTE: that all versions are legit and works. The "newest" version is just because I uploaded it last.

And it shouldn't fuck your game up all in total unless you're suddenly becoming overweighted wearing 1 million gold coins x)

I want to add Gold into the inventory so you can drop your gold on the ground like any other item. IF anyone knows how to achive this PLEASE PM me how I can achieve this affect (This is my first mod I'm releasing or atleast being serious about so PLEASE post constructive feedback on how I can improve the mod.)

if you enjoy my mod, don't forget to endorse it and comment!

v. 1.2 Changed weight to 0.005
v. 1.1 changed weight to 0.0005
v. 1 : Initial release.

My dear friend Rekushi for helping me out about the balancing
MissJennaBee for helping me out starting modding and being friendly overall while being asked silly questions.