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This mod requires Skyrim version 1.8 or later, and you must also download and install TMPhoenix's RaceCompatibility mod before installing the Lunari mod.

The Lunari are rare women of the ancient bloodline born of the unlikely union between the famed Nord hunter Saeryn and Rae'Li, the legendary archer and huntress of the rare Sun'Li tree elves. Lunari prefer to live in nature, away from the bustle of city life. They have been known to enchant trees into massive, spectacular dwellings. They are stronger and longer lived than Nords, and exhibit the slightly pointed ears born of their elven mother. Lunari are gifted with quicker regen and they inherited the combined combat prowess of both of their first parents. Their skill with weapons, particularly bows, is second to none.

Lunari enjoy the following base stats when starting out in the world of Skyrim:

+10 to Archery
+8 to One-Handed
+8 to Two-Handed
+9 to Block
+9 to Light Armor
+8 to Speech
+8 to Restoration

Lunari enjoy greater overall health and strength, with faster regeneration in combat (Magicka, Health, and Stamina). They have a natural resistance to shock (50%), and may cast an immunity spell by voice (assigned to the z key like shouts) that will cure disease, and heal.

If you find that the Lunari women are too strong in base stats for you, simply increase the difficulty of the game or try the Lunari Diminished option when installing the mod!

The Lunari mod is the result of a desire for the femme power of Skyrim to be truly gorgeous. This is of course completely subjective, and I never intended for this to be shared publicly. It was a personal mission really, to enhance the game. I hope you enjoy it!

The Lunari race assembles many elements into a cohesive whole, designed to present a certain look to its characters. Some of the features include:

• Customized, seamless textures for the bodies and faces for UNP & CBBE.
• A special face texture that is the result of hours of layering and adjusting many elements.
• New specular body/face/hands textures.
• 26 character presets, lovingly designed and crafted.
• 45 custom eye textures, with several new eyeliner and eye shadow tints added.
• A custom Lunari eye mesh that fixes the broken vanilla medial canthus of the eye, and adds longer lashes.
• 24 different eyebrow textures, tweaked and modified.
• Several new hair colors added.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your Skyrim install is fully updated to Version 1.8.XX or later. The Lunari mod requires it! You must also first install TMPhoenix's RaceCompatibility mod!

Version 1.6 is a major update, and comes in an all-in-one installer that must be installed through the Nexus Mod Manager. So if you are not familiar with NMM, it's time to start using it. If you don't have it, go ahead and download it and install it now.

To install your Lunari race just click the 'Download with Manager' button (the big green button under the listing for this mod installer on the downloads page). NMM will start up and your download will begin. Once downloaded, NMM will place the mod in the mods list. There is a tab at the top left of the NMM window labeled MODS. Make sure you have the MODS tab selected, and then find the Lunari Race mod in the list and click on it (do not try and tick the box next to it - just click on the mod file text in the list). Look in the menu on the left side of the window for the Actiate button (looks like a puzzle piece with a little green arrow pointing to the right on it). Click it, and follow the installation instructions, choosing your options as you go. Resize the installer window to properly see the comparison images. (Warning: there is some necessary nudity shown during the installation in the form of pictures that show the difference between the body types and their custom variants).

If downloading this mod from NMM using the 'Download with Manager' button is proving troublesome, download the mod manually (the actual link that is the name of the file on the download page - or click the smaller blue link 'download manually'). Then start up NMM and go to the MODS tab. Look in the upper left for a button that looks like a puzzle piece with a + sign on it. Click that button and NMM will ask you to navigate to the 7z file of the mod you want to add. Find your Lunari 7z file, select it, and click Open. NMM will load it and enter it in your mod list. Click on the Lunari mod listing and then activate it as described above, choosing your options through the installation process.

PLEASE NOTE: As of version 1.6X, the Lunari mod no longer includes Racecompatibility script files or the Racecompatibility.esp. It is far better to download and install the latest from TMPhoenix's RaceCompatibility mod page. We also highly recommend the use of Brehanin's Better Vampires mod. It enhances gameplay when playing your Lunari character as a vampire.

IF USING FACE WARPAINT OR TATTOOS: Please know that the Skyrim exe forces the tintmasks (the textures used for the tattoos/warpaint) to a measely 256x256. It looks terrible, and for the longest time I avoided using warpaint or face tattoos. No matter what size or resolution you would use, the game would squeeze them into oatmeal. So mod authors would resort to blurring the textures to strike a compromise.

Now with the use of SKSE (version 1.6.6 or later), you can place a few simple lines in an SKSE INI file in your Skyrim data folder to tell the game what resolution you would like to use. If you like using warpaint or face tattoos on your Lunari character, I HIGHLY recommend this tweak. Here's how to do it:

• Download and install SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) version 1.6.6 or later. Gopher has made a great installation video for this at:

• Once you have SKSE successfully installed, you'll need to:

1) Locate your data directory.
2) Create the SKSE folder inside your data folder, if it is not already there.
3) Create the SKSE.ini file if it is not already there (inside the SKSE folder).
4) Add "[Display]" category within your INI file.
5) Add "iTintTextureResolution=1024" or "iTintTextureResolution=2048"

And enjoy a whole new world of warpaint and face tattoo resolution! There is an option during installation of the Lunari mod to choose the HD face tintmasks and tattoos in addition to the high res textures and HD body skin, but the regular high res and low res textures look great when using the SKSE hook!

If You Are Updating (PLEASE READ!!!):

If you have a Lunari save older than version 1.51, you'll need to update your old save to bring it up to 1.6x and full game compatibility! Here's how...

Once you have installed 1.6x, go into an old save in game, and enter the following into the console (bring up the console using the tilde key '~'):

stopquest lunariracecontroller
resetquest lunariracecontroller
startquest lunariracecontroller

Exit the console and you should be good to go. Remember to resave. These three lines in the console will fix your old saves and make vampire compatibility and showrace menu work correctly!

A word about how this mod works:

The Lunari race mod calls upon most of its meshes and textures from within its own respective directories. The body meshes installed will depend on which version of the Lunari mod (UNP or CBBE) you choose. Since the Lunari mod includes its own body meshes and textures, the race and its physical appearance will be independent of the rest of your Skyrim install, depending on what body replacer you have installed for your game. In other words, you could have the CBBE body installed for your general game, but have the UNP Lunari mod installed. Your Lunari character will have a UNP body. Any CBBE armor you have will not work well with your Lunari race in this case, so it is best to install the version of the Lunari race that is the same as the body replacer you run for your game.

Another option is to install your preferred body version of the Lunari race and uninstall your general body replacer for Skyrim. This will have the effect of your Lunari character being the only character in the game with the UNP or CBBE body. All other bodies in the game will be vanilla models!

Please be patient as I continue to look for ways to improve the mod, streamline it and enhance it, making it as trouble-free on as many systems as possible.

To uninstall the Lunari mod via NMM, click on the Lunari mod in the list shown inside the Mods tab of NMM. Look to the left for a button that looks like a puzzle piece with a little red arrow pointing to the left on it and click it. It will deactivate the Lunari mod. To remove it from your system completely, keeping the lunari mod highlighted, simply click the red X on the left and confirm that you want to delete the file.

You'll likely want to use one of the many great hair mods available on the Nexus. Be warned, however, as running more than one or two hair mods, depending on the mod, can stress Skyrim's system resources and can cause problems. I use one hair mod at a time, and change them out from time to time.

The Lunari race currently includes 24 character presets (with more to come in future updates). Each is a good start for players to begin with a beautiful and powerful character. Should you find yourself spending a lot of time during character creation, or tweaking using the console command 'showracemenu', here are some suggestions.

There are 45 high resolution eye textures for the Lunari race, each custom made and with color variations. Depending on your screen size and resolution, the variety may be a little lost unless you get up close to look at those eyes. The eye texture color variants are often very subtle. So...

Try going into the 'showracemenu' in game via the console (the tilde or '~' key), or while creating a new character, and looking at your character in the character creation screens, use the console again and type in 'fov 30' (without the quotes). This changes the field of view so that you see your character's face very close. From this perspective you will appreciate the work that went into those eyes, and you can make better choices.

There are also many subtle eyeliner and eyeshadow tints used for the Lunari. You may want to get closer again to see what's going on. I wanted to be on the subtler side of things so that the features of each character preset came together as beautifully as possible.

Make sure when you are finished tweaking that you set your field of view back to whatever you want - the default is 65-70.

Changes in version 1.63:

• Reworked all the eye textures for better color and fidelity.
• Updated the eye mesh for a more improved medial canthus.
• Added 2 more character presets (Mara'Li and Arwyn'Li)
• Updated custom '_sk' textures for better removal of skin reflectivity near lights.
• Added mipmaps to all tintmask and other select textures, including the new face tattoos.

Changes in version 1.62 (thanks to SFTS):

• Fixed the hair showing through the helmet issue.
• Fixed the invisible head problem from the glitchy head and hair biped objects.

• Improved vampire eye textures.
• Updated the Lunari vampires with the new tintmasks, fixing an error that was replacing the Lunari tattoos with vanilla ones when vamped, saved, and reloaded.
• Updated the vampire stats to mirror the regular race. There was one attribute that was erroneously different than the regular race.

• Removed the unused face dirt textures and their respective hooks from the race.
• Reordered the Form and Editor IDs in TES5Edit to properly list the presets in order since the CK works differently than TES5Edit.

Changes in version 1.61 (thanks to Humannature66, TMPhoenix & SFTS):

• Hair and Head objects set properly in the CK.
• Removed duplicate humansandvampires formlist.
• Adjusted and fixed some details in the body meshes in NifSkope.
• Missing first person arms meshes for CBBE.

• Reworked and compressed many, if not most of the Lunari textures, resulting in far less load on your system.
• Created and added a custom Lunari eye mesh to fix the broken vanilla medial canthus of the eye (huge thanks to HumanNature66). Also adds slightly longer lashes.
• All 45 eye textures reworked to improve the inner corner of the eye with the new mesh.
• Added 3 new character presets (Gaia'Li, Ayden'Li, and Kaya'Li)
• Reworked Zen'Li and Quan'Li presets. The eyes were just not working for me.
• Changed the Lunari vampire skin color back to the game default (paler skin)
• Added 11 custom Lunari face tattoos, based on the player's preferred texture resolution choices when installing.
• Added HD and high res versions of the face tintmasks, based on the player's preferred texture resolution choices when installing.

Changes in Version 1.6 (more thanks to TMPhoenix):

• UNP standard body meshes replaced in the UNP package (fixing the erroneous body mesh swap from 1.51)
• Left hand wrist/forearm gap in the UNP custom body.
• A slight color mismatch between the UNP arms and hands.

• No more Racecompatibility scripts or files. Total dependency on TMPhoenix's RC mod.
• Deleted optional files now that everything is included in the installer.
• Removed V1 Vampire eyes. The V2 eyes are now the default, and you may choose which one you want to use during installation.
• No more head mesh options. There is just one head mesh, with better ears (see below).

• The installer includes images to see the side-by-side difference between CBBE and UNP, and then the difference between the standard CBBE/UNP bodies and my custom meshes for each.
• The CBBE Lunari are now updated to Caliente's 3.2.3 files, with enhancements and color matching through the Lunari paint shop for seamless necklines using the Lunari face textures.
• There is now an HD CBBE body texture available as an option during installation.
• The UNP body textures were also updated for better imaging around the upper torso.
• All eyebrow textures were tweaked for overall darker exposure in game, for a better match to hair colors.
• There are now 'High Res', 'Low Res', and a third 'High Res + HD Body Skin Textures' options available for both CBBE and UNP during installation, to better choose what your system can handle.
• The Low Res options were reworked for both CBBE and UNP, now including more texture size reductions with little visual impact.
• Added another character preset, Ayla'Li, bringing the total now to 21.
• The Lunari Diminished esp is an option during installation, and the esp was refined with better stats for its application (a less powerful Lunari).
• The Lunari ears are now not so pointy, as in less dagger-like. Enjoy not getting stuck to trees.
• A whole lot more I can't remember! (^_^)

Changes in Version 1.51 (thanks to SFTS):

• Missing shield/body record assignments and attack data entries. Fixes vampire off-hand weapon & shield visibility.

Changes in Version 1.5 (thanks to TMPhoenix & SFTS):

• Mod cleaned with Tes5Edit - removed dirty edits.

• RaceCompatiblity updated & adds Dawnguard compatiblity.
• Resaved file in CK to update esp format.

• Missing actorproxynord keywords on both normal and vampire Lunari (fixes DB Cook quest).
• Incorrectly assigned LunariRaceController properties fixed.
• Missing mounted combat entries in lunari attack data.
• Set armour morph to defaultrace to make Lunari fully compatible with custom armors.
• Improper record being injected into RaceCompatiblity.
• Added missing Lunari Immunity ability to Lunari Vampires.

• Unused formlists, headparts, character presets.
• Conflicting and unnecessary modifications to formlists (handled by RaceCompatibility).
• Separated slight hair color changes into separate colors only available to Lunari - removed changes to originals.

• 4 new character presets (Saeryn'Li, Jun'Li, Ashyn'Li, and Tyrah'Li)

Changes in Version 1.41

• Just a tweak for using the vanilla chargen tri file for the regular Lunari, and the no sunken cheeks chargen tri for the Lunari vamps.
• Changed the default vampire eyes to the new V2 eyes. The older V1 are still available as an optional file.

Changes in Version 1.4:

• Two new character presets, Zen'Li and Quan'Li. See the images area for pics.
• Fixed a problem with incorrect race morphing from Lunari to Lunari vampire (integrating the 1.31 update).
• New chargen tri files included that ELIMINATE facial structural changes when becoming a Lunari vampire.
• New face dirt texture files used for Lunari vampires, eliminating dirty faces when turned.
• Darkened the skin tone of vampires away from that pasty white.

Changes in Version 1.3:

• New full versions of CBBE and UNP with better vampire compatibility and custom glowing eyes.
• 7 variations for the glowing vampire eyes (look in the optional files area).
• New light versions of both CBBE and UNP Lunari mods. Those with showracemenu freezes will hopefully get to play now!
• Three new character presets, bringing the total to 14. Look in the images area to meet Dryn'Li, Mei'Li, and Yin'Li.
• New body textures for UNP and CBBE that were exported with mip maps - this might solve some of the black body glitches some of you were having.
• A new UNP HD body texture exported with mip maps. File size went from 49mb to 65mb!!!
• CBBE neck seam is now even smoother...
• Fixed all versions with regard to improper eyebrow image sizes.
• Several other things I can't remember lol. (^_^)

Changes in Version 1.2:

• Vampire and Dawnguard DLC compatibility (partially) fixed! Ongoing thanks to Ginnyfiz and others!
• Removed all hair models and textures, which were troubling Skyrim's performance for some.
• Adjusted the Lunari ears on the head mesh for more length and visibility with more hair models.
• Adjusted the UNP face textures for a more seamless neckline.
• Cleared up extraneous, 'dirty' edits missed from version 1.1.
• Many other little tweaks too many to name.

Changes in Version 1.1:

• New 2048 standard body texture for UNP, uncompresssed, and virtually the same visually as the 4096.
• The 4096 high res body texture for UNP is now available as an optional file in the downloads area.
• Improved face textures for UNP, with more seamless integration with the body. Just some healthy tweaks.
• Removed three extraneous files shared with Temptress race mod accidentally during creation kit work.
• Updated main files for UNP and CBBE with the new esp!

There is absolutely no way the Lunari race would have ever come to be without the geniuses that contribute so much to Skyrim, all of whom in no small part have inspired the orchestration of this mod. Deepest gratitude to:

• Massive thanks to TMPhoenix and his continued work on his RaceCompatibility mod.
• Thanks to Humannature66 for his skill and patience with me in helping to build the new Lunari eye mesh.
• Caliente and the CBBE body.
• Dimon99 and the UNP body.
• Apachii's amazing Apachii Skyhair.
• Bella's Better Females.
• MrLenski's Coverwomen.
Nightasy for his patience in our back and forth while I learned my way around 3ds Max. His tutorials are epic.
• Brokefoot's inspiring UNP Mashups, which make the Lunari women even more stunning.
• Psychosis and his creative work on the Temptress race mod, which was instrumental in the creation of the Lunari race.
• Devacore for the generous sharing of his chargen tri files from Vampire Face Less Sunken Cheeks.
• Thanks to others in the community, especially GinnyFizz and SFTS for continued help and support.

And of course Bethesda for reminding me that, although this is just a game, magic is still in the world.