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Added: 31/07/2012 - 10:30PM
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Last updated at 3:38, 25 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 22:30, 31 Jul 2012

First off, this is not intended to actually look much like vanilla Lydia; I have a different mod where I have made a version you can still recognize. I made this for my own personal use but was pleased with how she came out and thought others may be interested in her.

This mod began as a simple appearance change but has evolved as I receive requests, I will happily magic Lydia into most anything you want (within reason)! Check the installation section for current options, and feel free to make a request in the comments section.

As for the original appearance mod: It has always bothered me that Lydia has this sweet, very youthful voice but a very hardened appearance, so I tried to make a younger, more playful version of her. Also, any neck seam in the pictures is specifically related to the CBBE version of the armor I'm using on her, if your skin textures are installed properly or if you are using vanilla, you should have no seams.

My mod will not work without ApachiiSky Hair. You need the optional "ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_0" file for my Lydia to work, the main file is not needed. You may also want "ApachiiSkyHair_OptionalColours_v_1_4_full" to have the same color as my pictures, not 100% percent sure it applies to the hair I used but worth a shot if you have trouble.

Alternatively, I have added a "Vanilla Lydia" option that should work without any additional mods, only the hairstyle was changed.

If you want her to look exactly like mine, here are the other mods present:
For this mod you have quite a few options of how exactly you want your Lydia! You will only ever need ONE file from this mod for her, do not get multiples (the only two that will not break each other are Sophia and Lilly, but they look the same, so unless you want twins I would pick one).

UPDATE: Biggsamus has been working on Lilly the mage and is making a much more advanced, complete version of her as a follower! I have added working versions of Lilly and Sophia, but I definitely recommend switching to his mod when it comes out (will be linked to here)!

Your options to date are as follows:
Lydia - This is the main, baseline version of my mod. Nothing is changed but her appearance, which is the one in most of the pictures and above my description section.
Long Hair Lydia - On request, Lydia with a different hairstyle (see pictures, it is labeled). Still only appearance changed.
Vanilla Lydia - Also on request, a version of Lydia using no custom content, you should be able to download this mod with no other requirements. Her face and makeup are the same as my other images, but she is using a vanilla hairstyle. Still only appearance changed.
Ginger Lydia - Just what the title says! Lydia replacer with red hair and freckles!
Blonde Lydia - Also what the title says! Replacer.
Rogue Lydia BETA - Request for a rogue version of Lydia. This changes appearance AND her stats/combat style/inventory, she uses the main look from this mod. She is trained in light armor, sneak, one handed, and archery. She has the light foot perk, muffled movement, various archery abilities and all the light armor perks. She uses the same combat style as Jenassa, and thus will use bows and one handed (swords preferably) equally. She works for me but not many others, beta until I figure that out.
Sophia (the Rogue) - Pretty much the same as above, but I added a new follower to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. She uses the same appearance as the main version of Lydia for this mod. This is for those who want to use the look of this Lydia but don't want a tank.
Mage Lydia BETA - This is a mage version of Lydia. Her appearance AND stats/combat style/inventory have been changed, and she uses the main appearance for this mod. I have taken the spells and perks from Aranea Ienith, an excellent vanilla mage, and added a few things like light foot and quiet casting. She is very skilled at conjuration and destruction, and will use frost and shock spells interchangeably. As she levels, she will learn things like frost atronach and ice storm and become very powerful. She uses cloth armor and comes with two leveled staves. She is beta at the moment because she is reluctant to change after she has been acquired by the player, at least in my game. The rogue version works just fine, but for some reason she has trouble switching to mage. However, she will work perfectly if you install this mod before meeting her.
Lilly (the Mage) - Basically the same as above, except I've added a new follower to the game in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. She uses the same appearance as the main version of Lydia in this mod.

I will happily take any requests you may have for her that you don't see here!

Ideally just download through NMM and make sure the "housecarlwhiterun" plugin is checked. If you'd rather not, unzip the Lydia file and copy the data folder into yours (program files/steam/steamapps/common/skyrim). To uninstall, just delete the two "housecarlwhiterun" files from your data folder or NMM uninstall.

Be sure to load this AFTER mods like Ultimate Follower Overhaul or any mods that would affect Lydia personally.

Version 1.1
  • Added two new appearances, ginger and blonde Lydia! [*]Updated Sophia and Lilly, should be working now without console stuff [*]All versions of Lydia are now essential, and hair color issues some people had may be fixed!