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Hey,guys.I've got some problems on the World LOD.I can't use Oscape,because it can't show Object LOD for my mod.So,I can only use the CK to create World LOD,The textures doesn't feel exactly right.How can I fix it?If someone know the reason,please let me know,thank you!
The wrong textures:Come on! God appeared!God save me!!!orz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey,guys~I disappeared for a long i must say sry first?but I didn‘t stop this mod?and I let it become a new world,I call it "Zhong Yuan",u can find a huge "CangLoong City".Thanks siriushuang to translate the details about it,and I bring a lot of pictures from this mod, you can see waht it will be:
`Hundrens of NPC
`New misson
`Some historical location like the Ruin of Qin dynasty, the Royal Tomb, the Great wall,Battle field, temple of Taoism and the Ancestors........
`There will be two cliques(forgive my's that right?) three different race
`Open city (no loading) city moat
`Camp site of Nomadic people
`armor weapon cloth ,realistic style,Just like this mod
`Chinese background music
`NPC Speak chinese,and, not what you hear everyday,the ancient Chinese, me myself i wannna sign up for dubbing if he want
`you will reach this land on a ship,Chinese big ship,try to google Zheng he
`not so many magic factor

So,u guys see what i doing now?if u like it ,plase wait patiently,I'll bring you a mysterious oriental world!Yes,I promise it.


This is my first MOD,this armor and weapon are Real in the history of china.Put on the armor?you'll be a real General!?Available for male character only.?

Extract everything into your Skyrimdata directory

The exact directory for nif files:
The exact directory for textures:
Esp plugin:

Activate the Song General Armor.esp

How to get the armor and weapon:
Craftable under iron category.
Use console command:
Cuirass: xx000D65
Boots: xx000D63
Cape: xx000D71
Gauntlets: xx000D67
example: player.additem 01000D65 1

hope u guys like it~

Special thanks:
Thanks to Zenl for making a great cape
Thanks to Discuter2 for french translation
Thanks to volvaga0 for making a great Bandanas

The face MOD I used is:
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents by pikkatze