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A few statics I have that I use for my Castle mod, Castle Dovah and decided to upload. More to come. These are free to use and you do not have to ask permission to use them. I just ask for some credit and maybe and endorsment. More to come soon. I am working on this as I work on my castle so besure to track.

All 10 Dragon Claws
Gem Encrusted Goblet
Gem Encrusted Candlestick
Gem Encrusted Jug
Gem Encrusted Urn

Armor Resources:
Blades Armor
Daedric Armor
Dark Brotherhood Armor
Dawnguard Armor*
Dragonbone Armor
Dragonscale Armor
Dwarven Armor
Ebony Armor
Elven Armor
Glass Armor
Iron Armor
Ivory Armor*
Nightingale Armor
Orcish Armor
Steel Armor
Studded Armor
Vampire Armor*

*Denotes required Dawnguard

1. Download the file
2. Extract contents to you Data folder(....\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data)
3. In the Creation Kit in the Objects Window go to Statics
4. Right click in the window to the right and click New
5. Give the Static a Unique ID
6. By the box beside Model click Edit
7. In the new window click edit again
8. Find the .nif files you just extracted and open one
9. Click OK on both windows
10. Repeat 4 - 9 for each

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