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Added: 29/07/2012 - 02:33AM
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This is not a playable mod. This is a modder's resource. For mod authors only.

These are static .NIF files of a pile of 8, 18, 30, or 42 ruined books of various styles. They are hand-placed to look thrown-together and haphazardly piled up. Perhaps you can use them to flesh out a wizard\'s study, or some other mod project for added atmosphere.

I was going to use these in Frostfall, but due to the way some of my mechanics have changed, I will never need to use these. So instead of letting them languish on my hard drive, I figured someone might get some use out of them.

The Creation Kit may complain when you select one of these NIFs, along with an Abort / Retry / Ignore error. If you select "Ignore", things will continue as normal, and they will work in game without any problem.

You are free to use these .NIF files for your own project as long as you credit me in your documentation. While not required, I would enjoy hearing from you if you decide to use these in your project.