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Added: 30/11/2011 - 01:42PM
Updated: 03/02/2012 - 10:33PM

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Last updated at 22:33, 3 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 13:42, 30 Nov 2011

There has been some issues relating to firewalls. Please add an exception to your firewall if you get the issue where the settings reset after each use.

Changes for 2.16:
- Fixed a bunch of little errors here and there.
- Added renaming characters in the CTRL + Click edit menu

I'm extremely sorry to anyone who has lost saves in the initial faulty version (2.1) or had frustration. If you are on a later model windows, try right clicking on the skyrim folder and selecting "Restore previous versions", it might get some back for you.

How it Works:
- Automatically sorts your save folder into different characters on first run. No more manual sorting.
- Changes the SLocalSavePath variable in the Skyrim.ini to change character

Make sure the most recent save on each of your characters is a manual save and not an autosave or quicksave. Because of the way Autosaves are combined into one of three files, I was unable to find a way to seperate these out per character.

Download this file and run it. No installation or specific directory required.

By default, the automatically selected .exe for AutoLaunch is TESV.exe. This can be changed in options if you use SKSE Loader or other executable. AutoLaunch is off by default.

You can also launch multiple programs using the multi launch options including a dependency for each program.

The program can launch the game as soon as you select a character (auto) or when you press the launch button. The program creates a shortcut on the desktop automatically which you can use to start the game.

Clicking a character will make it active.

You can CTRL + Click a character to delete or archive.

Archived characters can be restored through options.

A new character can be created using the new character button.

Please let me know how it works, any problems or anything that could be better. I am open to suggestions on how this could be improved.

Changes for 2.3 - 2.15:
- Should fix issue some people have been having via using a new method to insert/remove the Local Path string by checking for the presence of the "[General]" Line. Thank you for the feedback on this.
- Slightly more effective backup routine. May cause a brief delay on startup but I believe this is preferable over having an incomplete backup file.
- Auto backups files on program start if newer or not already backed up
- Updated this page
- Fixed AutoLaunch issue
- Made program backup new saves to backup folder when the program starts
- Backup folder will be consistently updated instead of returned to square one if ever needed.
- Made selecting a single launch program more straightforward as per Restitutor Orbis's request.
- Allows for multiple programs as well as a dependency for each program selected.
- Program will wait 30 seconds for dependency to start then ask to force start at which
point saying no will result in a further wait.
- Now allows you to launch multiple programs on launch
- Re-arranged menus slightly
- Cleaned up code
- Optional check for updates on startup.
- Fixed a glitch whereby launch .exe was reset to default
- Pre-emptively fixed a glitch that would have prevented future update notifications.
- CTRL + Click on a character to archive or delete. no more edit mode.
- Fixed a glitch with archiving
- Fixed a glitch where some deletions were not going to the recycle bin
- File can now run from anywhere, not required to be in the Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim directory
- If the file is moved and the save folder has already been sorted it won't ask to resort
- Asks for location of TESV.exe/SKSE on startup if file is not in the default location
- Added a log feature that tracks errors and stores them in my documents\my games\skyrim\SCM_Log.txt
- Checks for update on the Startup and directs to this page if available.
- Deleted files go to the Recycle Bin
- Modification of sorting algorithm (Better character name recognition using a more advanced Regular Expression String)
- Automatic backup before sorting
- Uninstall option
- Progress bar while sorting and uninstalling
- More thoroughly tested. Still haven't been able to replicate many issues.