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Last updated at 10:17, 21 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 16:28, 27 Jul 2012

Toggle Helmet Spell

Full Mod has been Released! Get it here:
Helmet Toggle - Show Hide

This mod adds the ability to toggle the players or any NPC to show or hide there helmet.
All helmets will still give stats/enchantments/Tempered.

Two spell will be added to the players powers tab:
Toggle Helmet Player
Toggle Helmet Target

Mod helmets need to be made compatable. Tutorial below. When out of beta, compatable mods will be made for popular armor mods.

If any bugs are found please post a comment or send me a message.

Reset Script
When Loading a save game, it can bug out the script which will require a quick script reset to fix.
In the command console type "help _mz_TH_MF_ScriptSpell" The console should then give you the id code for that spell.
Using the ID code, remove the spell my typying "Player.Removespell **000D72" then press enter.
Then to add the spell again type "Player.AddSpell **000D72" *Enter*.
Save game.

Version 0.15
Added missing enchanted/other helmets
Version 0.1
Added all remaining vanilla helmets.(Some enchanted items yet to be added)
Changed the .esp/.esm so the spells works interdependently in a master file and an .esp adds the vanilla helmet.
Version 0.04
Fixed spell not being applied to all NPCs
Improved speed of helmet Toggling on and off.
Added a toggle ON and OFF notification for spell.
Removed unneeded parts of mod.
Version 0.03
Fixed bug in Dawnguard where when script spell is applied to the vampires they become hostile to the player.
Fixed monsters/NPCs waking up when script spell is applied to them.
Version 0.02
Made comparable with DSpSoB
fixed bug where npc's helmets show when should be hidden on entering new cell.
Fixed loading mod on save files.
Notification messages removed.

Stacking Helmets:
When Equipping a helmet that is not yet compatible with the mod (Helmets I haven't added yet or mod helmets) the inventory screen will show that you have equipped both. This is due to the inventory screen not refreshing. If you exit the inventory screen and re-enter you will see the helmets should be equipped or unequipped correctly.

Adding Mod Helmet Tutorial

Note: Some names have changes since last update. Same process required.

• Open up the Creation Kit. Load the mod you wish to use and the toggleHelmetMasterFile.esp.

• Find and duplicate the helmet you want to use.

• Name the duplicated helmet “ModHelmetNameShow”
• Set the value, weight and armor rating to 0.
• Set Enchanting and armor type (Heavy/Light) to None.
• Un-tick playable.
• Add Keyword _mz_TH_MF_ModHelmetShow
• Press Ok > No > Yes

• Duplicate the ArmorAddon for the helmet.
• Name it “ModHelmetNameHidden”
• For both male and female: Select Biped Model > Edit > Cancel > OK
• Un-Select all Biped Objects.
• Do the same for any beast race versions.
• Press Ok > No > Yes

• Open The Original Helmet.
• Remove Model(s) from the model list and add the Hidden version(s).
• Add Keyword _mz_TH_MF_ModHelmetHide
• Rename to “ModHelmetNameHide”
• Un-select all Biped Objects and Select "47 - Unnamed"
• Press Ok > No > Yes

• In the Object Window Search for “_mz_TH_” and select All.
• There are 10 form lists called _mz_TH_MF_ModHelmet all numbered.
• Choose 1 that isn’t being used by another mod. A list of used form lists will be on the nexus mod description. (More slots will be added in future updates).

• Open the formlist and Drag in first “ModHelmetNameHide” then “ModHelmetNameShow”.
• “ModHelmetNameHide” must be at 0 and “ModHelmetNameShow” must be at 1.

• Save the mod