Guard Shields Light by Brynnza
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Added: 27/07/2012 - 06:26AM
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Last updated at 6:39, 27 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 6:26, 27 Jul 2012

'`'`'` Brynnza's 'fixed hold guard shields''`'`'`

Alright so ill upload a few pictures in a while (theres no graphical change, but i love pictures :D who doesnt) but for now ill just wack the mod up there, its just a small change, making hold guards shields light instead of heavy class.

Reason for this?
1-They are coded to be light (both the sound lines and stat line state that they are light in vanilla
2-They also look light
3-The rest of the guards armor build is light, you wouldnt use a heavy shield when your proficiency is light now would you (dont answer that)
4-There are roughly twice as many heavy shield options over light shield options

Thats should be enough justification for the lore lovers out there :) and also for anyone curious about why this change came to mind.