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What is Heavy Armory?

The goal of Heavy Armory is to expand the variety of weapons used in the world of Skyrim in an immersive and lore-friendly way. Besides adding some new types of weapons, this mod expands some of the more limited sets like the Silver, Imperial, Forsworn and Draugr weapons.

My aim while creating the mod was to make the new weapons blend in seamlessly with the weapons Bethesda created. That’s why I used bits and pieces of existing weapons to create new varieties. In this way, the mod adds around 100 new lore-friendly weapons to Skyrim.
If you’re looking for some new weapons to wield (or to get your face bashed in with!), and value immersion like I do then look no further! Heavy Armory is the mod for you!

All new weapons are spread through level lists in the game world. You’ll find these new weapons in the hands of bandits, guards, Vampires, Draugr, Falmer, Silver Hand, Imperials and many other npc’s. You can also simply craft them from any forge (if you have the necessary skill and resources of course).

I also want to thank everybody who downloaded, played, commented on and endorsed the mod. Thanks for all the support over the months! Hopefully together we can keep improving our Skyrim experience!


Chinese translation by tinybeast

Czech translation by wyruzzah

French translation by Wobscur

German translation by Kusy3007
Also thanks to powerbenny1706 for creating the previous translation.

Italian translation by ValFerry

Polish translation by matatiah

Russian translation by Makadun

Downloads and file versions

Not planning on reading the entire description? Then at least read the part down here!

As you can see there are 3 files in the download section. 2 of these are main file versions. Don’t use both at the same time, only choose 1! The 3rd file is an optional add-on.

Which of these files should you be using? Below the different versions are explained. Note that each version also contains a number of optional files. How this works is explained afterwards.

Main: Standard vanilla edition
Adds new weapons to Skyrim. Contains no DLC weapons like Dragonbone, Nordic or Stalhrim! Usable by everyone, with no DLC or other files required. Use either this version OR the Dragonborn version.

Main: Dragonborn edition
For players who have Dragonborn. Adds the content of the standard main file and new Nordic and Stalhrim weapons. Weapons from the Dragonborn expansion have also been distributed throughout Skyrim! So you may find Nordic weapons on bandits and guards in Skyrim. Stalhrim might also be found in special loot or in the hands of high level Draugr. Use either this version OR the vanilla version.

Dawnguard Add-on
For players who have Dawnguard. Can be used alongside the vanilla or Dragonborn edition. (Basicly the addon is stand-alone, but you need one of the main files to get everything the mod has to offer). Adds new Dawnguard and Dragonbone weapons. The Dawnguard will now wield a much more varied arsenal of weapons.

Optional esps

After installing a file you will find a folder called “HA_alternative_esps” in your Skyrim data folder. This folder contains one or multiple folders with contain optional esps. This is what they do:

-No_lvl_list (In every version)
Use this esp if you want to play Heavy Armory without any of the new weapons being added to the leveled lists. All new weapons will still be craftable, but they won’t show up on enemies and vendors. You could do this for compatibility reasons (also see the section compatibility later in the description).

-No_DB_weapons (Only in the Dragonborn version)
The DB version of Heavy Armory adds the Nordic and Stalhrim weapons from the expansion (swords, war axes, maces, etc.) to level lists in vanilla Skyrim. It could be that you are already using a mod that does the same thing, in which case you probably don’t want another mod doing the exact same thing. This optional .esp will add all the new weapons and level list changes as the normal version of the mod, but doesn’t add the Dragonborn weapons to the vanilla level lists. New Nordic and Stalhrim weapons added by this mod (Halberds, Spears, etc.) are still added to the level lists so you will still find these throughout the game.

To install an optional .esps, just copy it to your data folder and select overwrite.

I can also recommend checking out the recommended mods in the Compatibilty section!!

History and Acknowledgement

A while ago I created a mod called Shortsword for Skyrim. At first I did not intend to expand on this mod. However, after continuing encouragement from the community I decided to have a look at expanding the number of weapons in the mod and adding more than just shortswords. As the number of new weapons I created grew it soon became more than just an update. Heavy Armory was born.

I want to thank everybody who encouraged me to start and keep working on this (and the nexus community as a whole)! I made this mod, but without your encouragement I would never have started in the first place:)

New Weapons!

Curious to what this mod adds exactly? Here is a simple overview of all the content sorted by weapon material:


- There's no Nord Hero Club (heroes aren't that primitive!)
- Skyforge steel weapons use normal steel models. I just added them because they didn't exist yet.
- All weapons can be created at the forge and upgraded at a grindstone.
- * New in version 2.0


Uses Mace animations and specific perks.
The barbarians weapon. Clubs count as maces but they are generally inferior to their more sophisticated counterparts.
Most used by: Bandits, Draugr, Forsworn and Falmer.


Uses Battleaxe animation and specific perks.
Halberds act as less bulky Battle Axes. They swing slightly faster and have a higher range but do less damage. Good for strong warriors who favour range over higher damage and are looking for a nice compromise between the attack power of the battle axe, and the range of the spear.
Most used by: Guards, bandits and Stormcloaks.


Uses Waraxe animation and specific perks.
Hatchets are short and fast one-handed axes. They are to the Waraxe what the Shortsword is to the Longsword. They do damage equal to a sword but with a slightly faster speed and shorter range.
Most used by: Bandits and Vampires.


Uses Mace animation and specific perks.
Mauls are the heaviest 1 handed weapons available. They are stronger than maces, weigh more and swing slightly slower. If you want to combine the power of heavy two-handers without sacrificing the protection of your trusty shield, then this is your weapon!
Most used by: Stormcloaks and guards.


Uses sword animation and specific perks.
Light spears that can be wielded in one hand. They are comparable to swords in stats with a few exceptions. They have the highest range of any one-handed weapon, going equal to the vanilla two-handers and their speed is a bit below that of a normal sword.
Most used by: Guards, bandits, Stormcloaks and Imperials


Uses sword animation and specific perks.
A mix between sword range and dagger speed. Shortswords have a shorter range and do less damage than sword, but make up for it by being pretty fast. They count as swords and are not as silent as dagger. Sneak types and magic user may find them very useful as secondary weapon.
Most used by: Bandits, Thalmor and Vampires

(Note to users of Shortswords for Skyrim! Shortswords do not count as daggers anymore, so they don't benefit from those stealthy backstab perks anymore!)

Spears / Glaives

Uses greatsword animation and specific perks.
Spears have the highest range of any close combat weapon in game. They also strike pretty fast for two-handed weapons, which coupled with their high range, is good for players who wants to keep some distance to their target. The downside to this is that spears do less damage than other vanilla two-handed weapons.
Glaives are equal in stats to spears except that that are slightly more heavy and more punishing.
Both Spears and Glaives have a pretty nasty critical hit value!
Most used by: Bandits, Forsworn, guards and Stormcloaks

Quarter Staves

Uses warhammer animation and specific perks.
I like to call these the “warhammer-light”. Quarter Staves have the highest attack speed of any two-handed weapon and have the range of a warhammer. The downside is that these weapons are the least powerful of all two-handed weapons.
Most used by: Vampires

Installation Info

Installing the mod is easy! I recommend just using NMM. It will do all the work for you.

If for some reason you need/want to do a manual install just download and extract the content of the .7zip to your Skyrim/Data folder (choose overwrite if asked).

For most players this will be at:

(Drive letter:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonskyrim)

All thats left to do is activate the HeavyArmory.esp and start the game!


Heavy Armory won’t cause any game breaking conflicts with any other mod out there. However, HA does change a lot of level lists and will conflict with any mod that changes the same lists.

I tested a few mods already and you can check here for yourself here if the mods you use conflict or not:

(Mods that work well with or add new features to Heavy Armory!)

Bound Armory - Adds bound versions of Heavy Amory weapons!
Lootification - A utility mod that can create enchanted versions of weapons added by mods. Use this to get some enchanted versions of Heavy Armory weapons into your game.
Weapons of the third era
Weapons of the third era, MoS edition - I amde Heavy Armory to work perfectly alongside Wot3E. Very recommended because the mdos compliment eachother.
Withe01 Poleaxe Animations - If you want new animations for the Spear and Glaives added by Heavy Armory, you could check this mod. It replaces the Greatsword animations to a poleaxe fighting style that fits well to the spear.

Also any texture replacement mod for vanilla weapons works with Heavy Armory!

No conflict

Combat Remastered (Patch available from mod page)
Crossbow Basic Collection
Immersive Armors
Piratelords Loot Adjustments
SkyRealism - Mass and Material (Patch available from mod page)

Heavy Armory is integrated into SkyRe! That’s right. You only need to download SkyRe to enjoy all these new weapons. HA is not required. I would actually recommend getting SkyRe because it adds many special perks related to my new weapons. It adds a whole new dimension to using these new weapons!

(These mods have some conflicting level lists. You can use them side by side in your game with no problem but only the changes of the last loaded mod will be applied. Make sure you load Heavy Armoy after these mods if you wish to experience all HA has to offer. It is also advised to make a Bashed Patch.)

Crossbows Revamped


Lorecraft changes the entire crafting system so is not compatible. However, Outsider_in was kind enough to create a Lorecraft patch for HA! Download the patch here so you can use both Lorecraft and Heavy Armory together.

Shortsword for Skyrim
My old mod is obviously incompatible with Heavy Armory. But if you use HA, you won't need Shortswords anyway. If you still use Shortswords, I recommend that you switch to HA.

If you find a conflict with another mod, please report it so I can add it to the list here.

As described above in the files section, you can also use the esp in the optional no_lvl_list folder to make sure HA doesn’t conflict with any other mods.

Change Log

V 1.0

Initial release

V 1.01

-Fixes the Ebony Glaive

V 1.1

-Fixes Ebony Halberd crafting

-Spears and glaives now use two-handed blade animation and perks!

-Added Silver dagger and spear.

V 1.2

-Fixed Silver Spear

-Added new shortspears! Comes in Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Elvish and Glass.

-Added Imperial Spear

V 1.2.1

-Added missing crafting recipes for shortspears.

V 1.3

-Added Draugr and Skyforge Steel spears and Shortspears

Released the Dawnguard version of Heavy Armory!

V 2.0
-New Mauls, Hatchets and many other weapons added.
-Dawnguard version is now an optional add-on!
-New Dragonborn version: adds Stalhrim and Nordic weapons
-Stats of all weapons tweaked: Spears and Halberds have higher range, Clubs are weaker, prices of all weapons have been tweaked. Other small stat changes here and there.
-Falmer Club is now usable by Falmer (uses war axe anim, but still counts as a mace).
-Straps on the Steel Spear fixed. Shows up correctly now when using other texture packs.

V 2.1
-Removed duplicate Skyforge Dagger

V 2.2
Some bug fixes.
- Steel Maul and Honed Nordic Spear recipes fixed
- Ebony Shortspear upgrade fixed
- Missing Iron Shortspear model now included in the vanilla edition

V 2.2.a
Small fix for the Vanilla plugin. Somehow Dragonbone weapon profiles and recipes got included in the esp, which caused invisble Dragonbone weapons show up at the forge. Removed these now.

V 2.3
Silver Shortspear and Warhammer now get the proper silver weapon bonus.
"Especially effective against undead" text has been removed from all Silver weapons. Don't worry, the bonus still applies.

V 2.4 (B)
Draugr can now use Draugr Daggers
Nordic Spear no longer uses Shortspear model.
-B (Dragonborn only)
Fixes Nordic Spear showing up twice in crafting list.

Future Plans

After the release of 2.0 I will take a break from HA to focus on other mod projects. I’ll get any needed bug fixes out quickly but a big update will take a while. Actually, I consider Heavy Armory to be finished for the most part but there are still a few things I wish to add. Here’s what to (not) expect:

- Adding Bows! I still plan on doing this some day.

- New spear/polearm animations won't happen. It is impossible to add new animations because of limitaions in the engine. You can however replace animations with new ones. If you are looking for fitting animations for spears and glaives, check out Withe01 Poleaxe Animations. This mod replaces the greatsword animations with poleaxe animations that are more fitting to the spear (obviously the downside is that when you fight with a greatsword the animations will now look odd for that weapon).

- I won’t be adding enchanted versions of all the new weapons. It’s just too much work. If you want some enchanted weapons badly you can check out Lootification. This mod can add enchanted versions of weapons added by other mods and spread them over the games level lists. Thanks to user Luinithil for telling me about this mod!

Mod Reviews


I don't see any of the new weapons and they don't show up in the crafting menu!
-Did you actually activate the .esp?

Do retexture mods work with these new weapons?
- Yes, most retexture mods (99%) should work fine. Best way to know for sure is give it a try.

Some/most weapons appear invisible.
- This issue could be related to the NMM. Try redownloading the mod. If that doesn't fix the problem, try a manual install. This has been known to fix it.

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