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Last updated at 7:05, 11 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 23:52, 14 Nov 2011

I am no longer supporting my tools as I am currently developing my Skynet (Skyrim Co-Op) project

Spriggan is a portable data manager for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the ability to manage saves for different characters, apply the Large Address Awareness fix and manage some advanced/hidden settings.

2.0 Now available!
So I overhauled everything. Again! The Addon API stayed more-or-less the same, however the integration of it has changed massively. Officially listed addons now have their own update detection. Speaking of addons, Advanced Settings and the Large Address Aware Fix will be a part of their own respective addons, I'm just waiting to see whether 1.2 will allow the older style of LAAF (Much easier to work with).

The GUI is back to its' awesomeness again, I feel that I will be able to justify the package size soon. Plus I'm going to start packing smaller functionality (Like LAAF and Advanced Settings) as optional addons so that I can update them separately (And you don't need to download the entire package again for small fixes!)

I've explored the save format a little and found out how to extract the image data from it as well as some miscellaneous stats. That's part of the new character management. Character Watch should work properly again, as long as you have an active character defined.

Please Let me know about Skyrim mods that you'd like to see added to the list so I can contact their author about permissions! Or, if you're an author that would like to see your mod added, contact me ^-^ Your addon will have a script written and be deployed to the master list as a binary, with both the source and binary going to you.

Everything below here is old!

The Addon API source that will be used in the next release is now available. Please try out making your own mod packages with it and upload them :D The intent of the Addon side of this project is to establish an OBMM-styled foothold with a system similar to what OMODs were for Oblivion.

To-Do List for 2.0
  • Archive List Management (80%, base functionality)
  • INI Editor (100%)
  • Improved Character Watch (20%)
  • Better Update System (100%)
  • Back to the sexy GUI, without the bulk!
  • Addon API (50%)
  • Settings Research (Lots of things... LOTS! 65%)
  • Settings wizard with hardware detection (80%)

Requires .Net Framework 4.0

Version 1.0 is up! Yay! Forgive the whitespace on the main form, that's where data management will go when it's understood better. Also forgive the lack of basic AV controls, I focused on hidden/advanced ones.

Version 1.0a is optional, but it may allow the LAAF under Steam. Remove the old LAAF with Skyrim->Large Address Aware->"Purge the old LAAF". This will restore from the backup Spriggan created. Use Skyrim->Large Address Aware->"Apply the new Large Address Aware fix" to apply the new LAAF.

Version 1.0b is recommended if you're looking to create your own addons. The addon maker was referencing some old things from the early days that I forgot to update.

  • System for converting archives into easily deployable packages for one-click installations!
  • Mod Registry - A system for downloading popular one-click packages
  • Better settings management
  • Lighter deployment than previous releases
  • Launch Skyrim directly from Spriggan! (Finally worked it out lol)
  • Novelty Dovah Translator! :o
  • More advanced settings tweaks!
  • System for checking for updates
  • Enabling the Large Address Aware fix (Allows >2gb RAM)
  • "Installing" Skyrim to the registry so that the stock Launcher will detect the directory.
  • Changing resolution and toggling fullscreen
  • Character management - Store, name and restore characters!

This is a packed, closed-source release. Source will be available when more is working (Likely around the Creation Kit release).

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