Dragonscale and Dragonplate Recolors by Shinokage
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Added: 30/11/2011 - 09:42AM
Updated: 16/04/2013 - 05:50AM

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10/24: Added a standalone version of my Red Dragonscale with black flames that has been featured in Deadly Dragons Armory. Same crafting materials to craft as regular dragonscale. I will likely be adding standalones to the mod of the more popular colors that I have put out, such as the darkened black and red dragonplate.

Some of these armors are featured in top mods such as:

Deadly Dragons:
Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod (As well as other armors and textures i've done):

They will also be featured in future versions of my own Quest/Enchantment Overhaul Mod:
Way of the Spellblade:

If you haven't checked these amazing mods out already you should as they change the gameplay dramatically and add countless hours of content to the game. There's a reason they're so well-known.

Update: 1/10/12: Added a darker version of the Red and Black Dragonplate (per request)

This is a collection of detailed recolors for both Dragonscale and Dragonplate armors. This collection will grow as time passes and will be updated regularly. Each set of armor I do will be increasingly more detailed, so check back often! I also take requests, and recolors of what I already have done are very easy orders to fill so ask away! I also appreciate any and all feedback on the armors that you guys can give!

It took awhile to get all of this going as I did all of these from scratch besides the Dragonscale male armor which I used Nickoli's PSD files.

Planned Projects:
Higher Detail recolors (More intricate detail on separate parts, check the white dragonplate helmet to see what I mean)

Design Based recolors/retextures (Symbols on the armor, Designs, etc.)

And whatever get's thrown at me! (that time permits me to do)

Thanks and if you enjoy it please endorse!

Happy Hunting!