Wanderers Mansion by LethalThreat
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Added: 23/07/2012 - 09:29PM
Updated: 14/07/2014 - 05:37AM

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Last updated at 5:37, 14 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 21:29, 23 Jul 2012

Mod officially no longer supported as of 7/14/2014

Version 2.0 is out on Steam!
- It will be uploaded to Nexus when I can (soon)

Version 2.0 (Dec 17, 2012) --- Currently only on Steam

.: Change Log :.
- There is now a kids room
- The enchanting area/Avean's room has been moved into the basement
- Some chests were moved around in the basement (not deleted) but just to be on the safe side make sure you 'safe-save'
- Some more sconces
- Other random little changes

.: Description :.
Adds a wood mansion into the Skyrim world that is based on a Nord or hunter character. Also, this is my first mod so it isn't nothing big and I'm not to familiar with what you guys like/expect.

.: Features :.
- Two Companions
- All crafting sites
- All the shrines of the divines, including Talos

.: Location :.
South of the Nightgate Inn

.: Issues :.
- Only that the companion in Ebony armor (forgot her name lol) sometimes she won't stop following you, I'm not to sure how to fix it since everything is correct, just to let you know.
- If you come across an issue let me know, there shouldn't be any though I just edited the house.

.: Notes :.
- This is my first mod released, it didn't come out as good as I thought but I wasn't about to put this in the discard pile so I thought I'd release it still.
- Some of the images are from earlier stages there is more clutter now.

.: Credits :.
'Modders Resource Pack' by Oaristys and Tony67
'PotionShelf, BookSets, OpenBooks, and FoodContainer Resources' by Blary
'Paintings and Frames' by Artisanix
- Bethesda
- Creation Kit