Golden Markarth and Dwemer ruins by css0101 HD Remastered by draco1122
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Last updated at 22:10, 11 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 22:05, 22 Jul 2012

Golden Markarth and Dwemer ruins by css0101 retextured to HD and remastered.

This retexture of the dwemer ruins and markarth that I upscaled to HD and tweaked a little it was originally done by css0101 and all credit goes to him for the idea and original textures I worked from.

Other mods you will see in pictures is Skyrim HD and better throne rooms.


2.copy folder to skyrim folder data folder

Nexus manager should work due the way this is packed. Let me know if not.

Hope you all enjoy.

Please endorse this file he made the original textures I worked from.
Golden Matakarth and Dwemer ruins by css0101

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