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with this tool you can define own macros and start them by pressing SHIFT + 0-9

The tool will simulate key strokes and mouse clicks to switch and cast.

Example: Define this Quicklinks (Hotkeys) ingame:
1 : Firebolt
2 : Heeling
3 : Summon sword
4 : 1H.sword
5 : Shiled

Now tell the macro program:
results in: Switch to summon sword
cast 3 sec summon (Mouse1)
switch both hands to Firebolt

0-9 = Pressing this key on your Keyboard
Cx = Press Left Mousebutton x sec
Mx = Press Right Mousebutton x sec
Dx = Press both buttons (dualwield cast) x sec

P= last macro (previous macro)
P will be replaced by the last executed macro

Shift+1 = 1,1
Shift+2 = 2,2
Shift+3 = 3,P
With this, he switch with SHIFT+3 back to firebolt or healing, depends on what you used last

5,5,4 : You hold 1.Hand Sword right and Shild left
4,4,5 : You hold 1.Hand Sword left and Shild right
1,1,C4,P : You cast a firebolt 4sec and switch back to 1.Hand Sword left and Shild right

What you will hand left, you must cast 2x and then the right hand (If you cast left hand with left mouse)
Little confusing, but the game is so grml....

Press save to save your Macros in ini file
This tool ist written with AutoIt. A Scripting tool.
I included the source code. You are free to change the code.

Please give feedback, what can be make better

Update 1.3:
- Changed pause after cast from 330ms->550ms to avoid problems with some spells