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WARNING: Using console commands to change into this race will permanently give your character the glowing eyes trait, no matter what race you switch back to.

Note: I have come up with plans to create a town using this mod as a base. I will continue to work on this mod to remove the bugs, but I will be focusing most of my time on the town.

Run around Skyrim as a skeleton! This mod adds a skeleton race to the race menu.
Bonuses Skeleton race receives:
Archery +10
One-Handed +10
Two-Handed +10
Heavy Armor +5
Immune to Poison
Immune to Disease
25% Frost Resistance
15% Weakness to Fire
Water Breathing
Glowing Eyes!

simply unpack folder into the skyrim directory or use the Nexus Mod Manager.

Known Bugs:
-Sometimes when selecting the Skeleton in the race menu it will have eyes and hair.
-When switching to this race via console command, your file will be given the glowing eyes permanently.
-When equiping certian clothes and armour it will give the Skeleton skin.
-Unable to view naked Skeleton hands from 1st person view.
-When using this mod with the Dawnguard DLC there have been reports that it would render all skeletons in the game invisible.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! I would consider any ideas!