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Update History
  • 14/09/07:Art of Mercy v5.0b, Fixed many bugs and Added Epilogue.
  • 14/09/07:DELETED Mythic Dawn Rerise, Stillborn Kindom. Stillborn Kingdom will be rebooted.
  • 14/07/09:Dream Walker v0.3 alpha
  • 14/06/20:Art of Mercy v4.3 Bug Fix, Improved Object Lod.

What is this?
Art of Mercy (v5.0b):
Large Quest about Vigilant of Stendarr
Simple Karma System, This point affect the ending.
Japanese Description
Ep1:Pursue a mystery summoner.

Ep2:Research disappearance case in Windhelm prison.

Ep3:Research cursed mansion of Chorrol noble.

Ep4:Escape from Oblivion before collapse.

True Ending : Good Ending, Karma >= 55, See All Flashbacks
Good Ending :Karma >= 40
Bad Ending : Karma < 40

Dream Walker (v0.3alpha) :
Middle Quest about Vaermina(WIP)
Japanese Description
Wander Various Worlds through paintings.


Quest Start
Art of Mercy
  • Ep1: Talk to Atlano in Dawnstar Inn.
  • Ep2: Enter and Leave Temple until Windhelguard appear
  • Ep3: Enter and Leave Temple after Ep2.
  • Ep4: start after EP3 automatically.

You can skip episode by hidden tablet (near gargoyle) in Stuhn Ravine
  • EP1 Skip Condition : You are not finished first quest "Vigilant of Stendarr".
  • Ep2 Skip Condition : Windhelm guard is in front of temple.
  • Ep3 Skip Condition : You are not get in noble mansion yet.

Dream Walker
Go to Nightcaller Temple(Exterior 2F)

Q:English language support or other language?
A:No plan. but anybody can translate this mod.

Q:Does not Work.
A:You failed to install probably.

Q:All dialogue is block in game (Japanese version).
A:You need Japanese Fonts.

Q:Text is gibberish in Translation Tool

  • Bethesda
  • CK Wiki Japanese Translator
  • Skyrim String Localizer

Art of Mercy

Dream Walker

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