Quest - La Daedra Commedia by Vicn
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Update HIstory

13/12/29: Stillborn Kingdom v2.5, Add seq files, fixed script and misprint.
13/12/29: Mythic Dawn Rerise v1.6, Add seq files, fixed script and misprint.

What is this?

Add 3 quest lines.
Art of Mercy (v3.0): Vigilant of Stendarr quests(Ep1~Ep3, Ep4 is developing)
Mythic Dawn Rerise (v1.6): Assasinate new mythic dawn laeder with thalmor agent.
Stillborn Kingdom (v2.5): Search the baby kidnapped by Namira.



Use Wryebash or Mod Orgnizer(NMM is not recommended.)

Quest Start

Art of Mercy : Talk to Atlano in Dawnstar Inn.
Mythic Dawn Rerise :Read the letter from khajiit after Quest"Dragon Rising".
Stillborn Kingdom : Talk to Kleppr in Markarth Inn.

Trouble Shooting

Not Translated.(Give up English Support Completely)


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