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Update History
  • 14/07/09:Dream Walker v0.3 alpha
  • 14/06/20:Art of Mercy v4.3 Bug Fix, Improved Object Lod.
  • 14/06/16: Art of Mercy v4.2.1 Quick Fix. Added Missing file.
  • 14/06/15: Art of Mercy v4.2, bug fix, Added Object Lod
  • 14/06/15:Stillborn Kingsom v206, Fixed Lod

What is this?
Add 4 quest lines.
Art of Mercy (v4.3): Large Quest about Vigilant of Stendarr

Ep1:Pursue a mystery summoner.

Ep2:Research disappearance case in Windhelm prison.

Ep3:Research cursed mansion of Chorrol noble.

Ep4:Escape from Oblivion before collapse.

Mythic Dawn Rerise (v1.6): Small Quest about Mythic Dawn Cultist

Assasinate new mythic dawn laeder with thalmor agent.

Stillborn Kingdom (v2.6): Middle Quest about Namira

Search the baby kidnapped by Namira.

Dream Walker (v0.3alpha) : Middle Quest about Vaermina(WIP)

Wander Dreams through paintings.


Use Wryebash or Mod Orgnizer(NMM is not recommended.)

Quest Start
  • Art of Mercy : Talk to Atlano in Dawnstar Inn.
  • Mythic Dawn Rerise :Read the letter from khajiit after Quest"Dragon Rising".
  • Stillborn Kingdom : Talk to Kleppr in Markarth Inn.
  • Dream Walker : Go to Nightcaller Temple(Exterior 2F)

Q:English language support or other language?
A:No plan. but anybody can translate this mod.

Q:Does not Work.
A:You failed to install probably.

Q:All dialogue is block in game (Japanese version).
A:You need Japanese Fonts.

Q:Text is gibberish in Translation Tool

  • Bethesda
  • CK Wiki Japanese Translator
  • Skyrim String Localizer

Art of Mercy

Dream Walker

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