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Update History

2014/07/09:Dream Walker v0.3 alpha
14/06/20:Art of Mercy v4.3 Bug Fix, Improved Object Lod.
14/06/16: Art of Mercy v4.2.1 Quick Fix. Added Missing file.
14/06/15: Art of Mercy v4.2, bug fix, Added Object Lod
14/06/15:Stillborn Kingsom v206, Fixed Lod

What is this?

Add 4 quest lines.
Art of Mercy (v4.3): Large Quest about Vigilant of Stendarr
Ep1:Pursue a mystery summoner.

Ep2:Research disappearance case in Windhelm prison.

Ep3:Research cursed mansion of Chorrol noble.

Ep4:Escape from Oblivion before collapse.

Mythic Dawn Rerise (v1.6): Small Quest about Mythic Dawn Cultist
Assasinate new mythic dawn laeder with thalmor agent.

Stillborn Kingdom (v2.6): Middle Quest about Namira
Search the baby kidnapped by Namira.

Dream Walker (v0.3alpha) : Middle Quest about Vaermina
Wander Dreams through paintings.



Use Wryebash or Mod Orgnizer(NMM is not recommended.)

Quest Start

Art of Mercy : Talk to Atlano in Dawnstar Inn.
Mythic Dawn Rerise :Read the letter from khajiit after Quest"Dragon Rising".
Stillborn Kingdom : Talk to Kleppr in Markarth Inn.
Dream Walker : Go to Nightcaller Temple(Exterior 2F)


Q:English language support or other language?
A:No plan. but anybody can translate this mod.

Q:Does not Work.
A:You failed to install probably.

Q:All text is block (Japanese version).
A:You need Japanese Fonts.


CK Wiki Japanese Translator
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Art of Mercy
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
Credo WIP - MODDERS RESOURCE by CD Projekt RED, Actus Reus
Griffon Fortress Resource by mr_siika and Kraeten
Strotis Castle Wall Resource by Tamira and Stroti
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae, SKS
Planeswalker Font Author
Daedric Letter Font by dongle
Insanitys Ebony Sword Replacer by InsanitySorrow

Dream Walker
HS_Cat by Hissssa
Mr. Siika Castle Seaview Kit by mr_siika, Tamira
PAINTINGS and FRAMES by Artisanix
Stroti Resource Pack for Skyrim by Storti, Tamira
Seagull sound effect by Jojikiba
Hair pack by Radioragae, SKS


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