Zebra Mount Oreo by Sasha the Creep
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Added: 10/07/2012 - 03:01AM
Updated: 13/09/2012 - 06:11PM

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Last updated at 18:11, 13 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 3:01, 10 Jul 2012

This mod adds a zebra near Whiterun stable named 'Oreo'. He has the same stats as normal horses ( except he levels up with player though, cap set at 80). He's also unaggressive and cautious. Did this for myself cos I wanted a zebra mount but didn't want to replaced any ingame horses. He also doesn't use a saddle :). Also didn't think the vanilla horse mesh fit a zebra so I used one provided by Holugar. That's it. Enjoy

Holugar for horse mesh 'Requested horse body mesh'
Alienslof for her awesome horse textures 'Slofs Horses'