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Launch your enemies or yourself into orbit. I'm having a lot of fun making & using this mod, and I really want to share it with you :)
The spells and arrows become available with your progress in Skyrim. The costs are balanced, and the arrows are lucrative and very exploration friendly if you choose to craft them at the forge.
#Starbomb Spells:
Shooting Star - 25

Starbomb - 50

Star Mine - 75

Crystal Shield - 75

Solar Fire - 75

Star Missile - 100

Launch - 100

Nova - 100

Solar Crash - 100

#Lesser Powers:

Plasma Blast - Requires at least 111 magicka.


Plasma Breath - Read the purchasable tome and discover at least one word.

#Starbomb Arrows:
Coulomb Berries - 0~

Twinkler - 0-30

Starbolt - 12-35

Perforator - 26-45 plus. I will make a simple mod-handbook for everything which will include fun things to do with this arrow, e.g., stuffing an object and chucking it into enemies, or fun trap rigs.

King Light - 32 plus. Unless you want epilepsy, try not to spam this arrow.

Twinklerite - 40 plus. Please note that you should use this arrow from very far away.

#Starbomb Weapons:
Starbreaker(Sword) - 70 plus. Recommend obtaining at endgame. Each strike on your enemy queues for an explosion after 4 seconds, that will launch them into the sky. During explosions, the star in the sword's hilt reacts by shining intensely. Dual-wielding this weapon is possible, and very destructive. The explosions are CTD proof.

Lunar Solstice(Bow) - 70 plus. Recommend obtaining at endgame. More expensive, this bow queues a larger explosion less than a second after impact, and will also launch your enemies into the sky. The explosions are CTD proof as well.
#Starbomb Alchemy:
A Scintillating Experience, offensive poison and potion versions. Please note that these are extremely CTD proof. I drank 300 potions all at once in Whiterun. Your screen will be yellow for 3 minutes. Then it will be red, then blue, then yellow-red-and-blue again, totaling ~ 11 minutes. Many of the townsfolk were clipped & stretched through stalls, overhangs, the floor, the windows/walls, etc. and I could smell the smoke from my PC.

View the Screenshots to see what they do. Please note that all arrows in the screenshots are under the effect of double damage output thanks to the Lady Stone effect from the Skyrim Redone mod. As a tradeoff, I take triple physical damage.
Enjoy! :D
Notify me if you have any issues after installing this mod.
Speak up if there are any bugs.
I will use all my power to crush them. :3

To be Released: New Spells and Ammunition. Further Fixes and Tweaks.
New bow, Summer Solstice. (From the remains of the non-optimized Lunar Solstice version).. in progress
Anti-Gravitation arrows (Tug your enemies upwards/different directions after sticking them).. in progress
Mod-handbook.. in progress.
Making the Coulomb Berry craftable.. in progress.
Plasma Spray(adept-level spray spell, fire and shock).. in progress.
Plasma Cannon(expert-level automatic spell, fire and shock).. in progress.
Any new ideas of mine.
Any user suggestions.
No releases are to be expected as final versions. Many improvements will always be made. :)
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