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Added: 03/07/2012 - 07:15AM
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Last updated at 14:16, 4 Jul 2012 Uploaded at 7:15, 3 Jul 2012

Welcome to the alpha version of Danger Danger 2.0 .

The purpose of this mod is to add danger and excitement to Skyrim in any manner or form. While it will try to respect lore it will not be bound by it.

It is meant to work in conjunction with my completed mod, "Sands of Time" :

I have released it at this very early stage in order to have a forum in which to get feedback and ideas. I would suggest you track it and come back often. Completed feature #1 though may warrant using it now.

Initial .2:

1) Upon finishing a dungeon, the ground will shake and a completion sound effect will play. In vanilla Skyrim you would never know a dungeon is cleared unless you look at the map. (COMPLETED)
2) Upon completing a dungeon, the dungeon will repopulate with new dangers making it harder to get out than to get in. Dungeons completed thus far:
a) Bleak Falls Cave
b) Abandoned Prison

.21 - Added three encounters to Helgen Underground, in the river area. The Skeleton that can be looted will not object to the intrusion. A nesting Chaurus will proect her eggs. And a wondering spider will appear.

On my way now to riverwood to complete the first dungeon. Will at the same time add dangers to it and then repopulate it.

I thought long and hard about just making a quick mod that places random monsters in ALL dungeons as they are cleared. Would have been easy. But I rather do it manually. I think it will be a lot more challenging and lore friendly that way.

This mod features the traps from "Eu3fan Ensorcelled Traps" for added pain.