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--Trophy Hunting--
Ever wish you could make more money from hunting? Or perhaps commemorate that big-cat safari? Well now you can! The Drunken Huntsman shop in Whiterun sells a series of books that teaches you how to properly harvest and mount trophies from the animals you kill. After reading one of these books you will have an 80% chance of collecting raw trophy materials from your kills. Mounting parts can then be taken to the tanning rack and made into trophies (shown under the Hide category). The new Taxidermy Preparation item required to make the trophies can either be made at the tanning rack or can be purchased from the Drunken Huntsman.

Trophy items do not fall when dropped from your inventory, instead hovering where you place them. If you hit them with a melee weapon you will open a menu to fine-tune their position. This allows you to mount them in your house anywhere you choose.

The animals that can give trophies are: wolves, bears, sabrecats, skeevers, elk, horkers, mudcrabs, and slaughterfish.

This mod should not have any conflicts. For those familiar with the game structure: it uses quests and aliases rather than changing leveled lists. This increases the overhead used but should remove any possible conflicts.

--Suggested Companion Mods--
If you are looking to get even more out of hunting, I would suggest heading over and checking out Hunting in Skyrim by B1gBadDaddy.

Japanese translation by Solbianca

--Change Log--
v1.3 Initial Posting
v1.4 Fixed bug caused by restructuring the code

--Known Issues--
-This mod reuses assets from the base game that were never meant to be inventory items. Because of this you will see that the trophy item models are missing a back face. This isn't a problem when you put them against a wall, but it does look strange when rotating the model around in your inventory. I would like to fix that problem, but I'm not a 3D modeler. If anybody who is experienced working with NIF files would like to tackle the issue I would greatly appreciate it and will credit your work.
-Antler mounts do not hover. I tried to script them so that they don't use the physics engine, but for some reason the script doesn't execute (not even ones made by Bethesda are working). I have no clue why that would happen, but it is what it is. You can make them and sell them, but you won't be sticking them on your walls.

[size=3]Q: Is this mod compatible with Real Wildlife of Skyrim, Better Hunting Prices, or other similar mods?
A: Yes, this is 100% compatible with mods that alter animals/pelts/tusks/etc. All of the items in this mod are new and it does not alter any existing items or leveled lists. In addition, the trophy items are awarded based on animal race, so any new animals that uses the base game's animal races is automatically compatible.

Q: Can you add the ability to take trophies from _____?
A: Unfortunately, no. All of the trophy models that this mod uses were already in the game as static features. I'm not a 3D modeler, I've just adapted existing assets.

Q: Can I mount bandit heads?
A: Like above, the models for something like that don't exist and I don't have the skill to make them. And even if I could make the models I wouldn't have it be a feature of this mod. This mod is about hunting, not collecting grisly war trophies.

Notice: Due to IRL issues, it is unlikely that I will be updating any of my mods in the future. They are provided as-is and I probably won't be around to answer any questions in the comments section.