Sakura Tattoos Skin for CBBE and UNP by LithiumFlower
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Added: 29/06/2012 - 03:54PM
Updated: 15/04/2017 - 08:25AM

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Last updated at 8:25, 15 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 15:54, 29 Jun 2012

Sakura Tattoos Skin for CBBE
Most of the armors that can be found in
skyrim nexus are showing too much
skin so why not to make that skin look interesting? ;)
As I couldn't find any tattoo skin that I like
I've made one by myself.

Comments and request are welcomed,
I will make some different versions\styles in the future.

Thanks to l1nkown for featuring my mod on his
Skyrim Mods weekly show:


Extract to the Skyrim main folder.
(*Back up your original texture before installing ""*)

2.Required mods:

- Official CBBEv3 body:


- Official UNP body:

This will make your main char a different race making the texture visible only on your char
and not whole skyrim.

Custom Races by d_rail


Restore your original texture file "".

4.Change Log:

Version 1.0 - 29.06.12
first release.

Version 1.1 - 29.06.12
Fliped the Cherry Tree as the Japanese symbols where reversed.
Thanks to Fooortune for noticing :)

Version 1.0a - 03.07.12
Added UNP version :3 for all who asked hope you enjoy it ^_^
Don't be afraid to show off your char :P

Version 1.1b - 11.12.12
Updated the mod to CBBEv3.2, the texture is now 4096x4096 (as it based on CBBEv3.2),
There are two options, The Original Design and Light Version, and both come in compressed and un-compressed versions.

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