Different Nights for Superb ENB-RL by Shazor
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Added: 26/06/2012 - 10:26PM
Updated: 05/02/2013 - 08:04PM

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Last updated at 20:04, 5 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 22:26, 26 Jun 2012

I changed the config files from the Superb ENB-RL so that the nights are a little bit brighter/darker. Just take a look at the pictures where you can see the difference.

Superb ENB-RL

Just put the effect.txt enbeffect.fx and enbseries.fx in your skyrim folder (where your TESV.exe is) and overwrite the existing ones.

Tutorial for adjusting the brightness on your own:
Download ENB Customizer
Go to Environment
Go to Ambient light
Adjust Intensity at night (the more the brighter)
Adjust shadow strenght at night (the less the brighter)
Click on Apply
Note: You can adjust these settings while the game is minimized.

Just overwrite my 3 files with the original or use the default ones of my mod.

Thanks to Superl3-sung9533 and Alakan for the awesome enb
Thanks to osmiumbin for the ENB customizer