Ebony Blade Fixed by Lucubration and Others
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Added: 29/11/2011 - 12:07AM
Updated: 07/01/2012 - 11:58AM

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Uploaded by Lucubration


Last updated at 11:58, 7 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 0:07, 29 Nov 2011

This mod fixes the 'Ebony Blade' item so that it uses the proper perks, skills, and various other values. It consists of a choice of two plugins, based on play style: one-handed or two-handed.

The two-handed plugin ("Ebony Blade Fixed") keeps the 'Ebony Blade' in Skyrim's default two-handed form, but adjusts values like speed, damage, and weapon reach to more accurately reflect a greatsword. The one-handed plugin ("Ebony Blade Fixed One Handed") includes a custom mesh that changes the 'Ebony Blade' to a one-handed weapon. Both files include fixes for grindstone upgrading and smithing perk bonuses.

Only one of these two plugins may be enabled at once, since they both make changes to the same weapon. Those that opt to download both should make sure they only have one enabled at a time.

As of version 1.3, a FOMod installer is included that contains several choices of features. There are 3 columns, plus an additional section. The columns are for the one-handed, two-handed, and rebalanced two-handed versions respectively. Under the column for the version you desire, choose the smithing perk you want associated with the Ebony Blade, or none at all. After that, choose a smithing plugin which will enable upgrades for the Ebony Blade. Lost Art of the Blacksmith is recommended, but a standalone version is included, as well as the option for no upgrades (which will overwrite the perk bonuses chosen above).


Simply download with the Nexus Mod Manager for automatic installation. FOMod versions contain custom installers with choices of features. Manual installs of FOMod versions are not recommended, but are still possible. Each different version requires a couple .esp files to function. Each type of installation has 4 versions, based on the smithing perk associated with the Blade. They should be pasted into the data folder and are detailed below:

All versions require either Lost Art of the Blacksmith.esp (recommended) or EbonyBladeFixedSmithing.esp for smithing to function. Do not copy either of these files if you do not want smithing.

The one-handed version requires the whole Meshes folder, EbonyBladeFixed1hMesh.esp, and EbonyBladeFixed1h E (for Ebony smithing), Dr (for Dragon Smithing), D (for Daedric Smithing), or N (for no bonus perk smithing).

The two-handed version requires EbonyBladeFixed2h E (for Ebony smithing), Dr (for Dragon Smithing), D (for Daedric Smithing), or N (for no bonus perk smithing).

The rebalanced two-handed version requires EbonyBladeFixedR2h E (for Ebony smithing), Dr (for Dragon Smithing), D (for Daedric Smithing), or N (for no bonus perk smithing).

Alternately, for standalone versions, use the NMM, or download the .zip archive manually and extract the included .esp file to Skyrim's data folder, usually located at "Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data". At the game's launcher menu, click on "Data Files" and make sure Ebony Blade Fixed is enabled.



Lucubration - Original fix, all two-handed versions

ZeroTorrent - All one-handed versions, FOMod installer, alternate version tweaks by request

Impulseve - Lost Art of the Blacksmith

Chachanshen - Meshes for one-handed version