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Last updated at 21:54, 24 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 19:43, 24 Jun 2012

This mod modifies how some of the shouts look and sound. For a few
shouts, it also changes how they work.

The reason for tampering with original shouts lie in the difference between how
they are used in the vanilla game versus how they can be used with the Script
Dragon plugin Shout Combat. With that plugin, you can basically spam shouts and
use them strategically or for damage. I'm not going to discuss balancing
implications of this, although some of the changes in this mod address this

Simply put, the problem is that using shouts one after another makes the monitor
very bright in cases such as Slow Time -> Elemental Fury or even after a double
Whirlwind Sprint which is rather unfortunate becasue you have to wait half the
shout's duration for the enemies to become visible. Luckely, the visual effects
can be modified using SpecialEffects; Imagespace Modifier in the Creation Kit.

Shout Modifications
In case you are left wondering about what the changes are after viewing the
demo video (or if the author forgot to create one), a more detailed description
can be found here.

Slow Time visual
The excessively cyan-bright intro effect is replaced by a dark flash with
slightly more saturated colors. The voice sphere explosion is white instead
of cyan. The duration of the intro is reduced by 2.4 seconds.
The main effect reduces brightness of the monitor, adds 25% more
color saturation to compensate for the reduced brightness and introduces a
blur similar the one that triggers when you block power attacks with
"Quick reflexes". The outro reduces the blur gradually and restores the
original colors, again without a bright cyan flash. The duration of the
outro is reduced by half a second.

Slow Time stats
Tiid.: duration 8 -> 4, magnitude 0.30 -> 0.26, cost unmodified
Klo..: duration 12 -> 6, magnitude 0.20 -> 0.17, cost unmodified
Ul...: duration 16 -> 8, magnitude 0.10 -> 0.08, cost unmodified

Slow Time roundup
The reduced duration of the shout at all levels makes it more important to get
the timing right and makes it more difficult to attack while it is active. To
compensate for this, magnitude constant is reduced which means the world will
move even slower than with the original shout. These changes make the shout much
more viable for dodging projectiles and power attacks, while making it harder to
stay in slow-motion for the duration of the fight. Another reason for reducing
the duration are the lame situations where you do a full shout at a wrong time
and have to wait 1/4 of a minute for it to wear off.

Elemental Fury visual
Replaces the cyan-bright flash with a mean negative flash. When used in
very dark places, this negative flash will reveal the enemies for a fraction
of a second becasue they become white. The tint of the monitor is initially
dark red and fades gradually into a transparent bright-red. The original
shout uses the same visual effects as sprint3 which lasts 3 seconds, this
one lasts 1.5 second.

Whirlwind Sprint visual
If you remember the visual effect of "Boots of Blinding Speed" from Morrowind,
then this will remind you of it. The bright-cyan flash is removed and replaced by
a bloom-flash with a black tint, less powerful radial blur and a weak double-
vision effect. This makes the shout more spammable, but does not light up the
night sky like before so you will have to use a torch or magelight while flying
across the map.
The sound resembling a whip with some squeaking fire noises is replaced by the
telekinesis throw sound.

Aura Whisper visual
This shout looks pretty much the same now, but the red spots indicating enemy
positions will appear alot sooner and the "veil of absolute darkness" will not
last as long. I like the original dark and red effects of this shout. Still, I
found the duration of the pitch black veil to be too long. After stepping over the
edge of a cliff on a few occasions I though it was directly annoying. I also
thought it was weird that no light sources would get through no matter how close
you were standing to them. With these modifications, it is possible to use Laas
Yah Nir in and out of combat without having to stop to avoid running into walls
and such. No other changes were necessary in my opinion because this shout is
very powerful compared to the Detect Life/Dead/Automata spells.

In case someone asks and for the purpose of being able to tell whether this
mod is compatible with other shout-mods, here is a list of forms that are
touched by this mod:

SPEL: VoiceSlowTime1
SPEL: VoiceSlowTime2
SPEL: VoiceSlowTime3
SPEL: VoiceElementalFury1
SPEL: VoiceElementalFury2
SPEL: VoiceElementalFury3
SPEL: VoiceWhirlwindSprint1
SPEL: VoiceWhirlwindSprint2
SPEL: VoiceWhirlwindSprint3

This mod will not work if loaded after any other mod that modifies those forms.

I have only changed the effect lists to point to my copies of the shout-effects.
For example, if SPEL:VoiceSlowTime1 used to list MGEF:VoiceSlowTimeEffects as
the effect, it will now list MGEF:toxVoiceSlowTimeEffects. All shouts follow
this pattern. No costs have been altered with the exception of Slow Time where
the duration is the only factor influencing the total cost, as it got cheeper
after reducing duration and "decreasing" magnitude, I had to force the costs
to the original values.

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