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Last updated at 19:59, 4 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 4:57, 23 Jun 2012

This is my very first mod that I have released, and it is centered around a new skeleton I made specifically for shorter races. I then gave them new abilities and stats and lores which generally match the lores of skyrim, except the size of dwarves, which frankly, if it bugs you that much, its a really easy fix (setscale). so it's very lore friendly. I also gave them new tinting and hair colors.

(NOTE: This is modeled after tolkenian dwarves, NOT skyrim dwarves. If you want them to be the correct size, you can rescale them using the console.)

Anyways, there are three races that are added:

Dwarves: smallest.
They gain increased health regeneration and unarmed damage, and can heal themselves entirely once a day.

Dwemer: Smaller
They gain increased unarmed damage and can walk on water. They can become invisible and surround themselves in ice once a day (kind of like a weaker version of the dark elves with invisibility)

Half-Dwarfs: Medium sized
They gain increased unarmed damage and health regeneration, and can use the nord battle cry once a day.

Just extract the file into the skyrim folder and merge it with the pre-existing data folder.

If you want everyone to have the midget look, rename the "Dwarfskeleton" file in the data folder to just say "skeleton". This may cause issues with other mods.

Known issues:
*This may be unbalanced, but I tried to balance it as much as possible.
*The "thick skin" that adds unarmed damage is called claws under the menu.
*The character looks a little rough if you zoom in far enough. This is because of how the skeleton was made, and I am unaware of how it can be fixed.
*For editors, the claws cannot be removed from any of the races. I do not understand why.
*It's more like water hopping than water walking. If you want it to work, you have to jump.
*This does not work with vampirism or Lycanthropy.
*The healing on the dwarves and half-dwarves is actually there even though it doesn't show up on the menu. Promise.

Required mods:
None that I am aware of.

*side note: This mod may have unexpected results and, not that I think this will happen, but it could do unexpected things to your game or saves. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

And you for trying it out!

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