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Hi, all. this is my first mod, so I hope it goes smoothly. If it doesn't, let me know!

Alright, first off, I modified Derk to look a bit more unique out of the Argonians... I mean, come on. He's the only male Argonian that Bethesta offered that can not only be a follower, but a spouse. I tried to make him as black as I could get him color-wise without him looking like a walking black hole, but the green skin under the scales wouldn't tint properly. Not sure how to fix that. But anyway, I made him look more appealing to myself, after all, reptiles are sexy.

The other major fix is his AI. No more will he run off to be a sad miner! (At least, I believe so, he doesn't on my game.)

Please let me know how this works! I haven't played on a save where I save his scaley-butt, so I don't know if my 'edits' changed his location. Let me know and I'll work on fixing that asap!

This was all done courtesy of foretrenty's Skyrim NPC editor, which can be found here:

Not something that is needed with this mod, but damn useful; Dheuster's Amazing Follower Tweaks: