New Followers - Follower Pack I by Sinitorama
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This mod contains three new amazing followers that you can have help you on your quests and aid you in battle. The mod contains a Warrior, Battle Mage and a Ranger that are all able to deal immense damage in their own way and also level up along side you. As you develop, they will to.

== The Followers ==

-works best with heavey weapons, mainly great swords
-has the ability to summon a familier
-Can be found in The Bannered Mare in Whiterun

-Uses Destructive magic
-can summon ice and fire companions
-can be found along the coastel path that leads to the wood cutters hut just south of Solitude, near the Docks

-Uses bows and possibly one handed swords
-Found at the docks in Windhelm.