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Dark Assassin Armor
Lore-friendly light armor outfits for stealth-type characters who don't wish to
stand out like comic book characters as they creep through the night.
CBBE compatible.

Conduct thievery and mayhem in style with these new outfits for thieves and assassins.
Feel free to message me if you're interested in other color options.

Items can be crafted, tempered and enchanted. Most items require steel smithing.
If you are upgrading from a previous version, a clean save is recommended.

During the quest Diplomatic Immunity, Delphine will give you the Regal Thief outfit instead of the Party Clothes.
This is the only way you can obtain this outfit. It cannot be crafted but it can be tempered and enchanted.
Note: 2.7.1 version fixes a bug with this quest regarding the outfit.

The Radiant Raiment outfit has been retextured so it looks unique from other fine clothes.

Compared to the steel crossbow, the Assassin's Crossbow has higher damage, higher critical damage and less weight.

Added craftable Wyvern Bolts. (Daedric smithing required.)
Caution: Highly explosive.

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse.

Stats on main outfit
Cowl, gauntlets and boots each weigh 2 pounds. Armor weighs 6 pounds. Base defense is as follows:
Armor - 29
Cowl - 9
Boots - 9
gauntlets - 9

Special thanks to Killerkeo for the meshes and original skirt texture used for the skimpy outfits.
Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer

Improved the Wyvern bolts.
Fixed a bug with the replaced Party Clothes.
Added hood with mask.
Added craftable crossbow and katana. (Dawnguard required.)
Added male and female versions for all three outfits.
Reduced glossiness.

Be sure to place meshes and textures in the proper folders:
Data > meshes > armor > DarkAssassin
Data > textures > armor > DarkAssassin
Data > meshes > clothes > radiantoutfit
Data > textures > clothes > radiantoutfit

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