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Adoring Fan 2014 Change Log


I felt that something was missing in Skyrim, my old friend the Adoring Fan! So I started to create him to the best of my ability(and the ability of the CK). And the result is the following: Success(kinda)!

I re-created the Fan from Oblivion(as good as I could) and I also made a Skyrim version which I made according to my own ideas.

You can find him at his camp outside Riverwood:

Take left at the crossroad after the bridge and follow the road until you see a broken tree. Where the tree is you are to get up there.


Left to do:

- Voice
- Misc stuff. A small house for him or something. A camp didn't feel fancy enough. New weapon for him.


Install instructions:
Put one of the versions in your Skyrim/Data folder

Recommended mods:

Dive Rock Mod by DaemonLord15:

If you´d like to summon your Fan instead of leading him the old fashioned way, Nexus member zeroeternalz, has made a mod that enables you to do that, but it is not my Fan that you summon, its just a likeness: