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============SWoW - Skyrim World of Warcraft Mod Locations-Armors-New Lands============

HELP NEEDED: Textures, Meshing, Sound, Questing.
Skyrim - World of Warcraft WIP Page

and read FAQ at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to get to new hearthglen and the other places!

This mod is aimed at creating a new world where you, the player, might explore, grind, kill, discover interesting letters left behind or just run around and discover new sights.

I try to make all locations as detailed as i can, by adding actiual WOW Lore charachters... Want to meet Lady Theramore? You can. Want to meet King of Stormwind? You can. Want to meet the wielder of the Ashbringer? Guess what? YOU CAN.

All factions will have retextures skyrim armours, I am doing my best to create actiual representations from world of warcraft... allthough, I have to admitt.. I am not the best modder out there; With this i mean, i am very skilled in level creation, not so much meshing and texturing.

I work on this mod almost everyday, for hours. If you like my work, please endorse it... it means so increadibly much to me. It shows me that i can provide quality work for you people out there.

Mod History
Right, this started out as a simple armor mod.. but it kind of snowballed into something much much greater.

As of this very moment I have created a new land, (unnamed) but it contains numerous highly detailed somewhat navmeshed, content filled lands.

Some notable locations among others are;
Lights Hope Chapel
Forlorn Rowe
New Hearthglen
Rotting Orchards
Arathi Highlands
The Plaguelands
Elwynn Forrest
Trisifall glades

and more to come!

Notable factions:
Scarlet Crusade
Argent Dawn
Various Militias
Kul Tiras

Uppcomming Update:
Oh do we ever have plans for the next update guys. This mod is going to be totally revamped, I do not want to spoil most of the suprises.

But I can say that for the v3 update, you can expect a TON of new armors, locations, even quests. But for a first; new weapons as well.

Hellscreamy and I are working around the clock to provide you with awesome fuzzy content that one can love and idolize.

Drop us a comment and/or endorsement and let us know of how were doing, we need feedback! You may also expect one or two screens of some of the work we have been doing so far!


So the world didnt end? GREAT. that means we can release our new version of the mod, which we will do soon!

So what can I report about our work? Well, speaking for myself I have been working on Duskwood, I have finished Darkshire, and all other major locations in duskwood so far. The only remaining thing to do, is navmeshing the zone, creating the final locaiton which is missing and create more npcs, and things for you players to do while there. The zone already has over 50 new npcs (all with new retextured clothing and armor)

Fast travell is being incorpereated into the mod as well. We are working extreamly hard on this mod and that is why its taking so long to get it done.

If you would like a prevview or a sneak peak at any part of Duskwood, drop a comment and i will try to get a screen shot up for you!

Anyways, should you want to know anything about the mood, or like our work, drop a comment and/or endorsement and we will be very happy people!




Release date for V3.0: To be Dated. When we feel like releasing it we shall, it will be soon though rest assured!

UPDATE 2: I uploaded 2 screenshots, they contain new Grand Marshals weaponry, and 3 new armor variations of the Grand Marshals Armor

Its currently 3:18 am, I have to get up at 7 for my first lecture of peace and conflict studies in university, i shall now retire to bed... finally.

Now, there is weapons, shields, and armor all with the Grand Marshal theme! :D

Future Plans:
I do take requests or ideas if you have them!

Right, so what are my future plans one might ask...

Currently, I want to add more of the plaguelands, Stormwind, Westfall, and a few other notable locations! More armours, more content. all for you.

Drag esp. into your "data" file in your Skyrim directory.

Data/textures/armor/"whatever file you downloaded"
Data/meshes/armor/WoW armour

To Remove:
1. Delete the ESP.
2. Delete the textures and meshes
3. Absolutely NO Profit!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Is anything required for the mod to work?
A: Yes, Dawnguard DLC

Q: Where do i find these lands?
A: Go west from Windhelm, along the river, eventiually you will find a fort. The fort is controlled by neutral scarlet crusade. Use the door on the roof ( wont be there in future versions)

Q: The game crashes when i go from The Scarlet Monastary, to New Hearthglenn.
A: I know, I cant seem to rectify this. Use Debug door from Q&A 2. (the on on the roof)

Q: My companions wont follow me!!
A: I know.. very little of it is navmeshed so far, it will be more and more after every release i do.

Q: Map markers but no fast travel?
A: I know.. I dont know how to make a world map yet.

Q: Can i help you with the mod?
A: YES I LOVE YOU, PM or Comment, I need help with textures, Meshing, sound and scripting!

Q: Can you make( random request armor/land/etc)?
A: Ask nicely and i might, maybe not in the next version, but it does end up on my to do list.

Credits and shout outs!
Thanks to the following for letting me use parts of their files:

Abakus - A Steel Heater Shield

Maty743 - Knights of the Nine

Redxavier - Porting and rigging of The Witcher 2 Shields

CD Projekt Red - Developer of Witcher 2
Meshes and textures of shileds and who have very generously allowed the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.

by Oaristys & Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
For the use of various textures and meshes they have created together.

Runspect - Modders Resource Pack
For the use of various textures and meshes he has created

breti - New Buildings Modders Resource
For the use of various textures and meshes he has created to use in Skyrim.

Tiki Torch - Modders resource
By: Tentain

=== Version 2.3 (ALPHA) ===
Hoddminir Grass:
Thanks Elinen for allowing us to use these resources!
Be sure to check the higher resolution textures of these mods, you can easily replace the low 512 resolution textures with the 1024 or 2048 versions by copy-pasting them into your data folder. Leave an endorsement behind!

GKB Green Trees:
These trees bring us the beautiful trees of Elwynn Forest and Duskwood.

59 Paintings and Frames - Artisanix

Enjoy the mods ! Please leave feedback!